Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crazy Coconut

I don't like Coconut. I've had it on desserts and stuff but never cared for it. On the other hand, I have always wanted to try a real Coconut. So finally, I picked one up from Meijer, my favorite grocery store. I was so excited I finally bought one. I looked up on YouTube on how to open it. This guy was using a huge butcher knife in one hand while holding the Coconut with the other. I was like, "No way am I doing that!" He opened it effortlessly whereas for me, it was a nightmare and very tedious getting the meat out. Click on the short video to hear the Coconut water. I know it sounds weird but I was so excited about this. I guess because it's something different.

The man on YouTube said that the liquid in a Coconut is called water until you blend it with Coconut and then it's called Coconut milk. After we shook it to listen to the liquid we moved outdoors and put the Coconut in a plastic bowl and hit it with a hammer. My whole family was out there pleading to let them try and break it open. You should have seen us. We were all fighting over the hammer until I said, "I'm opening it!" And when I was having trouble opening it, my family was getting more frustrated with me and demanded that I give them the hammer. But I kept whacking away until it opened on about the twelfth whack. As you might have noticed in the first photo, the Coconut had a score mark around it, that's why the tag read 'easy break.' It broke, but in the opposite direction of the score mark Coconut. How that happened, I have know idea but could only happen to me. When it broke in half the water ran into the bowl but was dirty from all the outside bits of the Coconut. Then I had to keep hitting the Coconut into smaller pieces so that I could scrape it out with a bendable knife, which I did not have or a vegetable peeler which I do have. But that did not work at all. It was a very tedious because I had to use a big spoon and twist the meat this way and that to pop it off the shell. Then I had to very carefully cut that brown skin off with a knife. It reminded me of that skin still stuck on peanuts sometimes but only thicker.

After about 45 minutes later and very soar hands, I got about 1/3 of a large bowl of meat.

I filtered the Coconut water into the blender using a coffee filter then added the meat. The man on YouTube mentioned something about blending the Coconut meat along with the Coconut water and you could have it that way.

But when I blended it, it was not a thick drink at all. It was a shredded mess with not enough liquid in it to make it a thick drink. So I just dumped it in the garbage. All that work for nothing. And a lot of wasted time. I probably did something wrong, I don't know. But it was fun. And it was funny how my whole family was gathered around while trying to open this Coconut. You should have seen us. It was like a strange object had fallen into my backyard and we were all so fascinated to see what was inside. Crazy, but fun. I'm glad I don't like Coconut because I probably won't be doing this little experiment again.
I'm signing off..............from Peek-A-Boo Street!

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