Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cuckoo For Coffee ~

Good morning my fine and friendly bloggers. Yes a good morning indeed! Ahhh. Now that Lent is over with and my headaches seem to have improved, I'm drinking coffee again. Oh my how I have missed my coffee. I originally quit drinking coffee because of these bad headaches I was having all winter long. I was thinking that the caffeine was the cause or maybe just aggravating the headaches. Well I still have them but they are not as bad now. So I know that caffeine had nothing to do with it. Then Lent came upon us so I just thought that I would continue to give up the coffee throughout Lent as my little sacrifice. And boy was it hard. The last couple of days of Lent I was just dying for the stuff. But I held out till Easter morn, when the sky was blue and I could hear the cuckoo birds singing. I even treated myself to Dunkin' Donuts coffee. I've never tried it before because it is so darn pricey. But I've always wanted to buy a bag to treat myself. It costs over $8 for this little bag. And although it is tasty, I wouldn't continue to buy it unless I found a very good coupon. So my other favorite brands will do for later. Sorry Dunkin' , but you need to come down on your prices. Your coffee isn't all that!!

I am just cuckoo for coffee! I also can hear the Cuckoo birds in the background, can you hear him? (click video)

Actually, my dear husband had bought me this beautiful cuckoo clock for my birthday. Isn't he so dear?
This cuckoo clock is an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock. It came with a certificate of authenticity. Pretty neat huh? I can pass this down to my great, great grandchildren. The clock is made in Germany. It says it right on the face of the clock. It also has a Black Forest sticker on the side of the clock. We've never had a cuckoo clock before but always wanted one. Here's a link if you'd like to see some beautiful cuckoo clocks. The clocks are so beautiful. They are all hand carved and hand painted. Wow, their really talented folks over there in Germany!
You do get use to the sounds of the clock. It just kind of fades away into the other noises of a home. But at night, I have to admit that it took some getting use to. The cuckoo bird makes you jump for the first few nights when your falling into slumber. But other than that, we absolutely LOVE it. And it does not wake you from sleep when your actually sleeping.
So on these spring mornings, I've just been taking it easy while sipping on my piping hot coffee listening to the cuckoo birds not far off into the distance. Actually, just down the hall.
Cuckoo! Cuckoo! I'm cuckoo for you!
I'm signing off folks...........from Peek-A-Boo Street!

P.S. I sure hope that video works up there. I've been having trouble with it for days.


  1. I love cuckoo clocks and coffee too :) If you go to my cookbook at the bottom of the sidebar there is a link to get a free sample of Dunkin coffee...I love it too!!

  2. Thanks Kathy! I'll be sure to check that out! Maybe my other blogger friends can mosey over there as well.


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