Friday, April 9, 2010

I Had The Best Childhood!

As I stated before, April is child abuse awareness month. As you know I do write about children's safety every now and then on my blog. There are a lot of reasons why I am so passionate about the well being of children. It comes with maturity. From books I've read. It comes from my Catholic religion. It comes from the innocence of a child. It comes from the injustices that are afflicted on children. It comes from the abuse of children I hear from the media. And it comes from the fact that I was a child myself. And it comes from me being a parent a grandmother. And it just seems like we all know someone who was touched by it. And perhaps I'm so passionate about children safety is because my parents divorced when I was eight. I'm sure that plays a role. But it's not the only reason like I just stated above.
Many of you are probably wondering if I was abused as a child. No I was not. My sister and I were very blessed to have a loving mother and a father. There was never any abuse inside my family. Yes, unfortunately my parents did get divorced when I was eight. But the first eight years of my formative life, was stable and loving. After the divorce, life got difficult for me over the next twelve years. Especially when I entered into my lovely teenage years. But when I got married to my husband 20 years ago, my life became stable for the first time since my parents divorce. I am very happy and of very sound mind. And I thank God for that. I have wonderful memories of my childhood before my parents divorce. And I thank God for that to.
I decided to post a pic of me and some my childhood pals.

I scanned this onto my computer file. Not sure why that black line is there but I'll have to look into it. Sorry the pic is in such bad shape. I'm not to sure why this picture was like this because I'm so careful of all of my pictures. And there is moi, with the blonde hair, sitting on top of one of my friends shoulders. No, he doesn't look to happy does he? Lol.
Anyway, I just didn't want anyone who reads my blog to think that I was an abused child because I'm such an advocate for children. Plus, just in case any of my family members were to read my blog, I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings in anyway in thinking that I was misinforming you, my readers. I don't know if any of my family members read my blog, but I just wanted to set the story straight. But I am in no way trying to act like I know how abused children feel or even know the hell that they go through. I'm just here to say on my little ole blog that I care for children's safety. And I will try to do my little part in the world to keep them safe!
So with that you all....
I'm signing off................from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. I WAS an abused child and I think it's wonderful the way you stand up for children. You deserve a big hug! Love, Kathy

    ps. You were ADORABLE :)

  2. Kathy, oh I'm so sorry to hear that. A big (((hug))) to you!

  3. Anonymous4/10/2010

    Dear Anne, You are truly a child's advocate. If you can reach one person through your blog then you have donea wonderful thing. This is a very serious issue indeed. You are so right to bring awareness.


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