Monday, March 22, 2010

I ♥ Pretty Dishes

Well today I went shopping at my local thrift store to see if I could find more pictures for my walls. But the only thing about thrifty shopping your local store, is that you can't go all the time because you want to wait for new things to come in.
Also about thrifty shopping, you could be looking for wall hangings for your home and can't find any you like on that particular day. But instead you come across something else. And that's it. You have to get the things you like that day or the items will go quickly. Like these lovely beauties!!!!!
I could not wait to get home to take some pics for you all to see. I was so excited to share these lovely items that I didn't even take the time to wash them up first or take the price tags off of them. I just couldn't wait to show you all. So here we go....
Well this dish I got a few weeks ago. Isn't it cute? It has a golden handle on it. I couldn't wait for the Easter season to come because I knew exactly what I wanted to put in it! I took a picture with the handle down and up. The handle doesn't stay up though. So what color jelly bean did you grab?

The rest of the items are what I found today. I picked up this cream color rose and heart shaped box by Lenox. I putting this in my curio cabinet. I just love the cream color and all of the roses on it.

I picked up a little Pyrex glass bowl with the scallops. My grandma C. use to have these. All I could find for now is one. I'll have to keep my eye out for about three more of them. I do see them every now and then.
Also in the pic is a couple of boiled egg holders. I think of them for my hubby and me when were sitting having our breakfast together when all of our children move out one day.

I just loved the roses around the edges of this dessert plate.

And this dessert plate I just loved. For the edging and the fact that it was made in England. I love all dishes made in England. I always feel like I found something special when I purchase dishes from England.

Then I came across the most beautiful tea cup & saucer. You all know how much I love tea cups. I just had to add this one to my tea cup collection. And it will be sitting pretty in my antique china cabinet with the rest of my dearly loved tea cups. And the's from England!!!!

Now for the last item. I saved the best for last. And it's definitely the star of the show. A two tier dish. I have been searching for a vintage three tier dish for many months now. I have came across just a few but they didn't quite grab me. But this beauty sure did. This one will do just fine until I can find me a three tier one day.

I think you can understand why I was in such a hurry to post these most beautiful dishes I found. I feel like I found treasure or something today! These pieces make me so happy. And I know I will cherish them for years to come.
I'm signing off.......from Peek-A-Boo Street!
P.S. I just can't wait for my family to come home so that I can show them all these pretty dishes. But I live with a bunch of boys so they probably won't care for them to much.


  1. Your finds are beautiful...I especially love the platter, and the tea cup and saucer,and the little glass dish is just adorable too, and perfect for jelly beans...don't mind if I take a red one do ya?! Hope you have a great week.
    I enjoyed catching up with the posts I'd missed.
    Big Hugs,

  2. I love, love, LOVE the teacup and saucer! It's beautiful! :) You always seem to find good things when you go shopping. Whenever I go to thrift stores I never really see anything that catches my eye. Hmm...maybe when I get a bit older it will be more interesting? lol I don't know, but enjoy your stuff!

  3. I ♥ pretty dishes too and your are very pretty!

  4. All your finds are just lovely. I especially like the two tier dish and the cup and saucer. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  5. Anonymous3/25/2010

    Good morning Anne, All of your dishes are beautiful! What great finds ♥ I love tiered serving dishes too. I am just imagine some delicious cookies sitting on that one. I hope you day is sunny and bright.
    Love, Mom


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