Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I ♥ Doilies~

It's been awhile since I walked through my local antique shop, since I found how much cheaper everything was in my local thrift stores. But you just can't find to many antique goodies in a thrift store. At least I can't in my neck of the woods.
So today I thought I'd take a look around the antique shop. I found some doilies and dresser scarves that I just couldn't leave without. They are so pretty. I thought I'd share them with you all.
This doily will be used to set my salt and pepper shaker on. It will go on my dining room table. It so springy isn't it?

This next doily will go on top of my jewelry armourer. Isn't is so pretty? Just seeing it again in this picture makes me glad I got it.

I got a matching dresser scarf. This one will be laid on top of my long bedroom dresser.

The first three doilies I don't think were actual antique. They look brand new. But this next beauty is antique. And just look at it. Isn't it exquisite? This antique dresser scarf will be going on top of my antique dresser in my parlour. Isn't it just gorgeous?
I don't know why but I've always just loved doilies and lace. Maybe it's because I'm a girl. I don't know. Well those are my antique finds. Sometimes there's nothing more finer than walking through your antique shop. I just love that place. All the woman asked me where I've been, lol. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I've been shopping at the thrifty stores, lol. But with such pretty items, I'm sure I'll return there soon!
I'm signing off..........from Peek-A-Boo Street.


  1. Those are very pretty mom! I like doilies too. :) It must be a girl thing ;). Glad you enjoyed your trip to the antique shop.

  2. What beautiful treasures you found. I love doilies too. I especially like your spring like one. Great finds.

  3. I like the second one the best but they are all beautiful Anne!

  4. Anonymous3/17/2010

    I have to go to an antique store. These are absolutely beautiful ♥ I love them all! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!


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