Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not You Again!

We were up late last night so I slept in a little bit this morning. And as I made my way to the coffee pot, this is what I woke up to face.............

Oh not you again!!!! How in the heck did Shamu make his swim into my home!! So upon waking, before I even had my first cup of java, I was fighting with this whale to get OUT of my kitchen sink!
Shamu OUT! You cannot stay in my kitchen sink! I'm sure everyone along on Peek-A-Boo Street heard me yelling!
Huh. (Big sigh)
So after a struggle with a whale this morning and with two cups of coffee done. It was time for me to hop into the shower and get moving. I have another full day ahead of me..............

Oh noooooooo Shamu! You cannot stay here! You need to go and find yourself somebody elses home to go to. You cannot swim in my kitchen sink. And you cannot swim in my tub!!!! Go home Shamu, go back to Sea World and beg for then to re-open! Here are some places you can go........
How about Jessica's at! My grandson would just love to have you in his tub!
Or how about Carol's at Oh Charli would just love to have you!
Oh did I mention Madeline over at ? Also did I mention that she has a beautiful huge pool Shamu? Oh yes, try there!
Or what about Carolyn's place over at She has lots of animals stay with her. In fact she loves animals so much, she and her family just returned from the zoo. Now that might me someplace to think about?
Oh what about my good bloggy friend Pat over here at See, she's got a pool. That might be someplace to think about.
Oh I know where you could go. You can go see Mandi and her girls over at She lives in South Africa. Go Shamu go! She lives by the sea! Oh Shamu, that would be just perfect for you! And it's so far away from here!
What about over at Wishnik Woods? I'm sure Kim would let you stay in her woods somewhere. Woods and Shamu's might work together. Just don't eat her damsels and dragon flies, and I'll bet she'll let you stay. So what do you say Kimmy? =)
I got a few new bloggy friends. Maybe we can consider you residing with one of them. Hmm. How about.....
Marietta over at
Or at You might fit in there really nice. =)
What about Becca over at That sounds like a comfy place to stay.
Lets see, we can always try Connie's place over at She seems like a nice lady.
And last but not least, we could always try Spence's place at A cottage retreat might do you wonders Shamu.
Anyway, while your thinking about all of your options Shamu on where you might want to go and stay, I have to do go and run some errands now..............

Oh no no no Shamu! Out!
Oh dear. It's going to be one of those crazy days here on Peek-A-Boo Street...................


  1. Anonymous7/16/2009

    LOL This is sooo funny! I'll bet Ryan is having a blst. Is he begging you to keep him? What about Peeper? What does she think about a whale invading her home? I have to say one thing, that whale is persistant. There must be some reason he likes it over there on Peek-a-boo street. I just peeked out the window and I'm seeing no sign of him so I don't think your going to get rid of him as fast as you would like LOL

  2. What a silly whale! I'm sure he'd fit right in around here :)

  3. I am fascinated by this whale ...the music is a nice touch dalring.

    Duchess xx

  4. LOL Don't be sending him over here! This is hilarious. :)

  5. What a great post. Funny very funny. I'll take Shamu. When my grandkids come for a visit in August they would love to play with him in my pool. Have a great day, Anne. Madeline

  6. The Shamu saga... This is hilarious!

  7. ANNE!! You are SO funny!! You know what? Shamu can come live with us any day - the sea is about a days drive but he is such a cutie!!


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