Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shamu...Don't Jump!

My hubby got Friday off of work so we decided to just hang out in our backyard. We love spending time in the backyard with family and friends. So I thought that I would hang a load of clothes on the clothes line first. And guess who I seen? Yep. You guessed it........Shamu!

Shamu! Come down from there! At least this whale is out of my house now!

I told my son to add more water to the bird bath. "Moooommmmm! I can't!!!!!!!!"

Shamu out! You cannot go swimming in the bird bath! Ugh! This whale needs to GO!!!!!
My husband was working around the yard when he seen Shamu JUMP from the garage.............

Oh poor Shamu! Are you all right?! Oh my gosh! Shamu, your going to hurt yourself!!!!!
And to our surprise, Shamu went up on top of the garage again, and JUMPED sooooooo far................Then this HUGE wave came out of know where! We were all soaked! It was like a tidal wave here on Peek-A-Boo Street! We couldn't believe our eyes!
And guess where our "guest" landed up?

In our new pool!!!!

Awwww. He likes it in there..........

He is kind of cute....................

Well maybe we can keep him here for awhile. Just until Sea World re-opens their doors. He does seem to like our new pool. Well maybe if he stays outside Shamu can stay. Kids! Shamu is staying!!!!!!!!


  1. I quessed correctly again. Congratualations on your new pool. Enjoy it and have fun with Shamu. Have a great day. Madeline

  2. Fun! What a great lead up to the new pool. I'm sure you'll be staying cool the next few months :)

  3. Have a wet and fun weekend in the new pool darling and keep the whale out!!
    Duchess xx

  4. Anonymous7/20/2009

    Awww... I'm glad Shamo found a home ♥

  5. The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

    I will be honoured it you would copy & paste the Award on your site.


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