Friday, March 6, 2009

Last Night's Dinner

Last night I made my own egg sandwiches with bagels for dinner. I just thought I'd share it with you all. I use Eggland's Best eggs. There less in fat grams and less cholesterol.
I cook up a dozen scrambled eggs first with thyme. I absolutely love that herb. It's one of my favorites. Then you just layer your square bagels. I start with a piece of ham on the bottom. Then I add the eggs on top of that. Then I put the slice of cheese on next and top it off with the top part of the bagel. I pop them in the oven on 350 degrees just as the cheese starts to melt, then I pull them out of the oven.
Then I usually pair it up with some cut up fruit and there you go. A quick and delicious dinner.
I use the 2 % cheese for this but it doesn't melt very good. It gets to thinned out. My family reminds me to use the regular cheese when I make this but I just forgot. I don't know if it's to healthy because of the eggs. But I only have eggs usually once a week. Eggs are a good source of protein so I don't want to eliminate them totally but in moderation eggs are fine, I think.

Sorry the bottom of the oven was a little dirty. My hubby did that when he made his appertizers from the Mardi Gras party.

There were no complaints of the little pudding pie desserts. Everyone loved them! My hubby suggested lemon pudding next time.
I must have woke up this morning in the south. My news man says it's going to be 64 degrees today! I can't believe it! Woo hoo! I will definitely have to step out of the house for awhile today. =) Happy Friday! Woo hoo it's the weekend! I love weekends! (sigh)
I'm signing off...from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Anonymous3/06/2009

    I LOVE eggs sandwiches. The smell of a scrambled egg sandwich brings back so many memories.My dad worked the grave yard(late night) shift when I was growing up. My mom would be up making him scrambled egg when he got home. I would always wake up to that smell. YUM.
    Your look great,but here in the south I have never seen or heard of a square bagel. Those must be wonderful.

  2. Thanks for the comments on my kitchen makeover. I have the completed pictures up, if you want to take a look. I'll be back in a little while to read about your sandwiches! The pictures looked good! I'm hungry.

  3. Yay for the weekend! And breakfast for supper is my favorite!! Those sandwiches look so yummy Anne :)

  4. oh boy, those look delicious! I think I might try that this weekend for breakfast!what kind of ham do you use?

  5. Anonymous3/06/2009

    I'm drooling over your food.. I love egg sandwiches but I haven't saw any square bagels either.
    Eggs are actually good for you,they say the cholesterol in them is the good kind.

  6. The winter outfits are for 6 months those were bought for us by someone else! I'm thinking by the time he is 6 months he will need the warmer clothes so hopefully it works out well!

  7. What a great idea. I am going to try this but on wheat bread. Glad to hear it is warming up for you all. We had temperatures is the 70's today. Have a great weekend.

  8. Yum, those look really good. We usually have eggs on the weekend. I have mage egg sandwiches before, but never used scrambled eggs. I'll have to give is a try.

    Have a great day, Denise


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