Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Little Treat

My blogging friend Pat over at made pudding the other day which looked so yummy. I've decided to make these little pudding pies. Did you ever try them? There those individual Keebler graham cracker crusts. You could put anything in them. I usually put pudding though. I've made them with pistachio pudding before and they are so good. This time, for tonight I made them with banana cream. In fact I think that is the same pudding my friend Pat made to. You should check out her blog, she has a really nice blog. She shows you recipes, her sewing projects and her crocheting and knitting projects. She sure in as inspiration to any homemaker. I know she has inspired me to with her recipes and her projects that she has going on.
Now I just have to pop these into the fridge so that they can set. Don't they look yummy?

Well I did some research on the Internet and they said, to clean antique furniture, you want to wipe it down with a mild detergent soap to get all of the dust and grime off of it. Then dry it immediately with a soft towel. Then use a few coats of lemon oil. I used one coat and I think it's fine. I just have to polish up the glass and I'll be able to set my tea cups in there. I can't wait I'm so excited. I feel like a lucky girl! I think as a woman ages, she wants a china cabinet. Probably not so much in your twenties or thirties but after you mature some, I think every girl probably would like to have one. I hope you all have one or get one. =) Yeah, we all should post our china cabinets, lol. That would be interesting. I'll be turning 40 this spring so I guess I can say it's my 40th birthday present. It's beautiful and I just love it. I'm surrounded by boys and husband but even they came into my office and showed some interest in it. But I had to remind them to keep there mitts off of it. =) My hubby was already joking around spewing some things that he could use it for. Of course I said absolutely NOT!
I hope that you all are having a good week. It's been another busy week but I think things are winding down now for the weekend. My hubby and I are looking forward to a nice, quiet and relaxing weekend. Poor hubby has been sick with a sinus infection but he went to the docs and got some antibiotics. He says he's starting to feel better now.
I'm signing off...from Peek-A-B00 Street!


  1. oh yum, those look delicious! I did not know that you can buy those graham cracker crusts individually! what a great idea! I recently made banana cream pudding as well, but that looks way better! =) I'm glad you got the cabinet all cleaned up. Post some pics of it when you have it all finished and have your stuff in it. <3

  2. I'm sorry your husband is sick and hope he feels better soon soon! And I'm going to have to make that pudding now that you showed it to me! It's looks YUUUUM!! I'm still so proud that you got your china cabinet. That just tickles me. And I think you're right about us mature women wanting a china cabinet. I'll be 42 this year and have been dying for one for a couple of years now. I can't wait to see yours with all your teacups and such inside! It's gonna be gorgeous! I just know it :)

  3. Anonymous3/05/2009

    They do look yummy. I love banana. Are you going to add alittle dollop of cool whip?hehe

  4. Anonymous3/05/2009

    Thank you Anne for the rave reviews about my blog..
    I have never saw those tiny Keebler pie tins.. I'm going to have to check my stores for them.. they look delicious and would be great for finger foods with a cuppa of tea and a few friends over.
    I agree about us mature women needing a china cabinet.. I don't have a cabinet but I do have my curio cabinet and love it.. it just needs to be bigger.
    Hope your hub gets better.

  5. Your little individual tarts look so good. Pat is good a sharing her recipes and other talents with her blog followers. I know your cabinet is going to be a fine piece of furniture when you are through. Hope your husband is feeling better. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  6. You won an award sweetie ♥ come see me when you get a chance!

  7. I have never seen the individual crusts. I will be on the look out today at the grocery.

    Have a great day, Denise


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