Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starting The Year Right-Part 7

This will be my final part to my fitness & wellness series.
This one is just a mosh posh of this and that and pretty much common sense.
You should take care to preserve your life to the best of your ability. These are just some ideas that are popping into my head. I'm sure you can also think of a lot yourself.

- Eat healthy foods.
- Don't smoke.
- Drink plenty of water.
- Find some spirituality.
- Exercise regularly
- Get plenty of sleep. People don't realize that good sleep is very
important and is apart of your wellness.
- Don't abuse alcohol.
- Don't take drugs for recreational use.
- Laugh often.
- Love, love and love and love some more. =)
- Have a network of people in your life whom you can trust.
- Smile often.
- Always where your seat belts.
- This is the time of year that you should have already replaced the batteries in your smoke detectors.
- Never jog or walk alone, day or night.
- In parking lots, always look around you.
- My mom told me to always look in the back seat before you get into your car and under your car as you approach it. And I do this to this day.
- Talk to your children in ways to help them to protect themselves.
- Have balance in your life. Yes we all have to work but don't forget to have fun. And everything in moderation.
- Help others in need.
- Pamper yourself with a bubble bath, homemade facial, give yourself a manicure, pedicure, try new lotion, etc. Epsom salt baths are very healthy for your skin.
- Know that your important.
- Be cheerful.
- Take vitamins.
- Wear the best tennis shoes that you can afford.
- Go to your doctors regularly.
- Wear sunglasses.
- Wear sunscreen. Even in the winter months.
- Do self exams in checking for cancer.
- Drive safely.
- Wash hands often. I always wash my hands when I get home from the grocery stores and any doctor offices.

So there you have it. Just a list of some things to help you all live healthier lives. I'm sure there are a lot of ideas that you all could add to. It is just pretty much common sense like I mentioned. I hope you all enjoyed my fitness & wellness series. It's who I am. You are given one body. You should do what you can to preserve it and take care of it. Your body will thank you for it.
I know that one day I will die no matter how much I exercise. Everyone will die one day. But I believe that you should do what you can to preserve your body.
P.S. As much as I love Denise Austin it was time for something more challenging. In the middle of the series I have been doing the Body Sculpt with Gilad. And man is he hard. For sit ups one day he had you lay on the floor with your arms out. Then he wanted you to scoop up and pull your body into a "v" shape for sit ups. Then lay back down and do it again. I'm sure you heard me yelling all the way down Peek-A-Boo Street! It wasn't a pretty sight. And I wasn't able to do it so eloquently like the way he makes it look, but none the less, I was still able to do it! =) But I'm loving it because of the challenge! Stay fit. And stay healthy my blogger friends!


  1. My favorite: Love, love and love and love some more. =) ♥

  2. Anonymous2/01/2009

    I'm so proud of you ♥ You are so committed to fitness. I wish I had your strength. I have enjoyed this fitness series. You do have me walking on the tread mill again. LOL

  3. I have really enjoyed your fitness series. =) Thanks for sharing all of this important and useful information. After I have the baby I'm sure I'll be refering back to these posts for a while!


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