Wednesday, January 14, 2009

* Baby It's Cold Outside! *

When the temps get down to zero and the house is cold, what do you do to try and keep the house warm? Do you crank up the ole' heater? Well you can but here are just a few tips and ideas to try and keep that old heater from working to hard. Here are some that I will do.
* Keep curtains closed.
* Place towels along the the bottom of the doors.
* Use safe space heaters during the day.
* Light some big candles.
* Bake cookies.
* Close doors to rooms that aren't heated.
* Close all closets and shower curtains.
* wear that old tattered sweater that you wouldn't wear out but keeps you warm.
* Wear those funny bunny slippers.
* Sip on some hot tea, snuggled under an afghan, up on the couch and watch a movie, crochet, or read a book. Don't forget to scoop up your favorite pet to snuggle under the covers with you. Are fury friends get cold to.
* Have a nice hot meal waiting for your family. Like soup or stew. Yum!
* Jumping jacks are an effect means of staying warm or running in place, lol. =) Just kidding.
* Don't worry about the dirty laundry needing to be done down in the cold basement. That will just have to wait! You can wear jeans two days in a row. =)
So what do you do to keep your house warm on cold days? Or what do you do to keep yourself warm? I'd love to hear your comments. Brrrr. Staaayyyy waarrmmmm.
I'm signing off.....ffffrrrrooommm Ppppeeeeeeeeeekkkkk Aaaaaaa bbbboooooo Ssssstttttrrrrreeeeettttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Like you I keep my blinds closed. The thermostat is set at 68, but wearing sweaters, socks, and jeans that is warm enough to me. Good hot meals soup, chili, etc. I stay in and crochet when it is cold. When I do have to go out I wear layers. Thanks again for visiting my blog and commenting. Have a good evening and stay warm. Madeline

  2. oooooh I really like the fuzzy slippers, cuddling up with an afghan and baking cookies. I'll do those lol I love the new heading! That's my favorite snow pic that you've taken so far. I hope you stay warm tonight! Love, Kathy

  3. Anonymous1/14/2009

    Put on slippers AND socks then roll up my sleeves and start in cooking.. nothing helps the house stay warm as a pot of soup bubbling hot air into the room and cleaning will stir up the blood and make me feel warmer. My basement is heated and if I stay down here in the sewing room or on the computer it's warmer then upstairs so when I'm done cleaning and cooking I hide down here and play till the mob comes home for that hot soup and fresh baked bread. Going below zero tonight but we'll be warm.. in the winter we leave off the top flannel sheet and use one of those fur blankets to cover up with under the comforter.
    Love you pic's.. stay warm up there my friend.

  4. what a cute post! I pretty much do all of those things that you listed. =) Stay warm!

  5. Like you, I do a lot of those during the day to help heat up the house. I also have my ceiling fan in the LR on low to pull the heat back down into the house as heat rises. I do put plastic on my windows to help also. Stay warm.

  6. Ooooh, it sounds so cold there. You all may think I sound crazy but we, here in South Africa are trying to get the heat out of our homes. Wish I could ship some of it there to you! :-)

  7. Thank you all for the really nice comments. You all are GREAT ladies! Have a super day!

  8. Anonymous1/15/2009

    Well unfortunately I would never think to do jumping jacks LOL but all of the rest of the things sound just like something I would do. Stay warm and snug :>)

  9. Oh my friend, just the music on here helps to keep me warm on these frigid cold days! Plus the love of friends and family too!
    I want to tell you THANKS so much for all of the wonderful comments, awards and everything you sent my way while I was out and all.
    Your pictures, blog and all looks so wonderful, warm and inviting. just like you my dearest friend. Please stay warm and be safe. blessings are sent your way. take care. Will chat again soon.

    Nana Net

  10. Anonymous1/17/2009

    Good afternon Anne, You have been tagged. Come see.

  11. I stopped by to say hello and almost choked on my gulp of coffee when I read your suggestion of the jumping jacks! Glad you were only kidding on that one! I got a kick out of your sign-off!! Stay warm!

  12. Hi, found your blog via think you might try if you get too cold is an electric blanket! We had snow here in Seattle and it's pretty much gone now but the temperature is in the 30's...which is pretty cold for here... I love your winter photos and your header photo is great! Maria

  13. BRRRRRRRR I feel for ya Anne. We have been pretty cold down here in the "hotlanta", hasn't been too hot either :) I have, of course been making one of my famous fires, I love 'em. Definitley keep curtains closed and of course havae the furry slippers goin. My sweet little cat, Tiger, is so unhappy with this icky, cold and wet weather. He thinks I can fix it ha ha. He is so cute. Stay warm friend and I love you pics ! XOXO


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