Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just For You....

You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Yes my fellow bloggers. I took some winter pictures just for you. I always talked about the snow we are always getting, but I haven't shown you any pictures as of yet.
Don't mind the close to zero temps and me having to trudge through a foot of snow and rolling down a hill, with soaked wet pants for you. Oh no, fellow bloggers. I didn't mind one bit. I wasn't able to get as many for you, which I'm sure you'll understand, with the freezing temps and all. Oh and may I add that I'm just getting over a little cold? It's so cold school may be canceled tomorrow. My poor little, almost frost bitten nose......Okay, okay, I hope you know I'm just kidding with you all. =) But here are a few pics from a local city park. If you click on them they will enlarge. I personally found some flaws in the pics but I wasn't going to be to picky with them this time.

The next ones were taken the other morning after another snow storm. When you get so many snow storms they kind of just blend into each other. I don't know the exact date. It was over the weekend I think. It was taken from my window. I know it was of the ground, but if you click on the picture, it looks like little diamonds in the snow.

These other pictures I took from inside looking out my home office window.

This last one was take from my neighborhood on the way back from the park.
Happy Winter! And please don't try this at home. Oh no fellow bloggers, oh no. =) I'm signing off... from Peek-A-Street!


  1. Anonymous1/13/2009

    Beautiful pic's.. I saw the diamonds and those ice cycles are really big..

  2. oh wow Anne it's so pretty! And I love those icicles!! They're awesome looking. Don't stand underneath those though :o lol

    Stay warm. Love, Kathy

  3. The pictures are just great. I love the one with the diamonds in it, the one with the two trees and the icicles. Its cold here but not as cold as it is there. Thank you for your last comments on my blog. Peyton is a cutie she is the youngest granddaughter I have 2 older one. One is married and the other a Junior at the University of Alabama. I have holly bushes on both sides of my house I think about 10 in all. Stay warm and have a good day. Madeline

  4. Anonymous1/14/2009

    Beautiful Photos... I want some snow so bad.

  5. Oh wow, you always take such pretty pictures! my favorite is the last one. It is just so peaceful and beautiful looking. You should take a photography class or something, because you are really good at this!

  6. Anonymous1/14/2009

    These pictures are so beautiful. I especially like the ones with the icicles hanging from the trees.


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