Sunday, January 18, 2009

Starting The Year Right-Part 4

I promised that I would write the benefits of doing exercise. Here is a list that my mom gave me years ago. I kept it throughout the years.

1. Increases your self-confidence and self-esteem.
2. Improves your digestion.
3. Helps you to sleep better.
4. Gives you more energy.
5. Enhances your immune system.
6. Improves your body shape.
7. Burns up extra calories.
8. Tones and firms up your muscles.
9. Improves circulation and helps to reduce blood pressure.
10. Reduces tension and quells stress.
11. Enables you to lose weight and keep it off.
12. Makes you limber.
13. Builds strength.
14. Improves endurance.
15. Increases the lean muscle tissue in you body.
16. Increases metabolic rate.
17. Enhances coordination and balance.
18. Improves your posture.
19. Enables your body to utilize nutrients more efficiently.
20. Increases the enzymes in the body which burn fat.
21. Strengthens your bones.
22. Enhances oxygen transport throughout the body.
23. Strengthens the heart.
24. Improves blood flow through the body.
25. Increases contractility of the heart's ventricles.
26. Deters heart disease.
27. Increases the level of HDL (high density lipoprotein).
28. Decreases LDL (low density lipoprotein).
29. Decreases cholesterol.
30. Decreases triglycerides.
31. Increases total hemoglobin (carries the red blood cell).
32. Improves the body's ability to decrease heart rate after exercise.
33. Increase the number of open capillaries during exercise as opposed to rest.
34. Improves blood flow to the active muscles at the peak of training.
35. Enhance the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
36. Enhance the functioning of the cardiorespiratory system.
37. Improves efficiency in breathing.
38. Increases inspiratory capacity.
39. Improves alveolar ventilation (greatest oxygen consumption).
40. Decrease the changes of the development of osteoporosis.
41. Improves resistance to infectious disease.
42. Enhances neuromuscular relaxation thus reducing anxiety and tension.
43. Enable you to relax more quickly and completely.
44. Alleviates depression.
45. Enhances clarity of the mind.
46. Makes you feel good.
47. Makes you better able to stay warm in colder environments.
48. Helps you to respond more effectively to heat in that sweating begins at a lower body temperature.
49. Improves your body composition.
50. Decreases fat tissue more easily.
51. Increases the efficiency of utilizing adrenaline, resulting in more energy.
52. Enable you to socialize while you are getting in shape at the same time.
53. Helps you to move past self-imposed limitations.
54. Enriches (yes I'm going to say it!) sexuality.
55. Improves the whole quality of your life.
56. May add a few years to your life.
57. Is the greatest tune-up for the body.
58. Reduces joint discomfort.
59. Increase your range of motion.
60. Gives you a feeling of control over your life and a belief that you can create any reality you want.
61. Decreases appetite when you work out from 20 minute to one hour.
62. Increase the body's own awareness of itself.
63. Affords you the opportunity to experience your fullest potential.

So there you have it bloggy friends! Some good reasons to get yourself on a fitness program or encourage to to stick with it! Take care!


  1. You can't resist with all the benefits right in front of you..thank you Anne! I'm really enjoying your series on a healthy new year! Glad to see you post means you haven't frozen :-)

  2. That is a long but very good list! =) I think if people had this in front of them it would help to stay on track.

  3. Thank you for the motivation.


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