Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fool's Gold-Movie Review

What can I say about this two hour movie? Booooriiiinnnggg! I couldn't wait for the damn movie to get over with. It had Kate Hudson and Mattew McConaughey in it. Were those two married in real life? I can't remember. This movie didn't grasp my attention at all. I kept going into the kitchen to get a snack.
Kate Hudson looks so much like her mom Goldie Hawn. She even sounds like her mom in a few parts of the movie. None of the characters really grasped my attention in this movie either. You can watch it if you want but would not be missing anything if you passed it up. The acting in this film was really bad to. It was like those romantic comedies and it was just to over the top for me. When I was younger I like those types of movies but maybe it's just because my interests are changing now that I'm getting older. Those types of movies to are are just to silly and a waste of my time.
I'm still reading 'Amazing Grace' by Danielle Steele. Oh man is that a good book. That is what I love about her books. I know I'll be getting a good read whenever I pick up one of her books. Have a good day!


  1. Anonymous11/05/2008

    I seldom watch movies but after reading your review I'll certainly pass this one up.

  2. Yeah Kyle and I watched that one and we thought it sucked too! I wouldn't suggest it either.

  3. We rented and watched "Fools Gold" a couple of weeks ago. I had wanted to go see it when it was out at the theater but we didn't make it. Now I'm glad we didn't.
    It didn't impress me too much either, just wasn't a great movie in my opinion.

  4. Anonymous11/08/2008

    I didn't like that movie either.


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