Friday, May 25, 2012

It's New

I love to try new products. And it's neat to see how inventive brands try to be to come up with latest and the newest items. But how successful will a product be is the question. Will consumers buy it off the store shelves or will it be a bust. My husband brought home this olive oil and sea salt butter. To me, it just tasted like any other butter. It did have a slight taste of olive oil and honestly, who needs the extra sodium. It did taste good but I will stick with my Promise butter. My husband loves butter and will buy real butter if we're having bread along with our dinner. Me, I just stick with Promise butter. But I will indulge in the 'real' butter sometimes.
As for the Dill Sea Salt and Olive Oil Triscuits, well that was my pick. They were just OK. I thought that they were going to be a Dill pickle like taste. They were more like the Dill herb that you put on fish. To me, it was just another cracker. I did top them off with a little bit of this olive oil butter and it was pretty good. I probably won't be buying these items in the future though.

I'm signing off.........from Peek-A-Boo Street!

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