Friday, July 2, 2010

No Ones Going To Throw Mary In The Corner

Hello fellow bloggers. This is some what of a sequel of my last post.
After I got some good news referring to my last post.... I thought I'd go shopping. You know, to make a girl feel better. All of you bloggers out there who know me know that I mean thrifty shopping. Today is Friday. I could not let a week go by without thrifty shopping. So with that, here are some of my thrifty finds for this week.
I found this knick knack of the Mother Mary under a pile of stuff at the thrifty store. It was so dirty and full of dust. Oh no Mary, You're coming home with me. No one throws the Blessed Virgin Mary under a pile of rubble.

Let's see. What else do we have?
Yes, turkey's! Thanksgiving turkey's. Aren't they adorable? Like I said before with purchasing holiday stuff. It's a bummer because you have to pack it away to the following holiday. But you watch ladies. Your going to see this pair of silly turkey's come November.

My blogger friends know that I have started a little collection of these flower boxes. I almost put this down. But how could I resist this flower box that's heart shaped. The pic is turned to the side for some reason. Can you see the heart shape?

Then my eyes rested upon this beauty. See how she's all pink?

The back....

The shape...

This is kind of unique. I've never found a tea cup with the name of the set written in gold print, 'Rose, Elegance.' It also has some numbers on the bottom.

I've been looking for small bowls that will hold little dainty treats for my afternoon treats for tea. These two in the top pic could hold used tag bags couldn't they? Their so little.

You know how I've been having my eye on small vases. This is approximately six inches in heighth. And it's so heavy. It was only $2.99.

My husband says that I have enough knick knacks. Look closely at this girls face on this blue and white knick knack. It was so adorable, I had to buy it. I think it was only $3.99.

And then look at this precious little knick knack. How could I resist. Just look at there eyes.

So sweet. I've grown really fond of children knick knacks that really show their innocence. Love this knick knack. And love their eyelashes.
Now tell me ladies. How can a girl have to many knick knacks? I tell you. You won't see one ounce of dust on them. No sir-re.
As I wen't to check out at the thrifty store, I noticed that today there was one big line. Then I noticed that some costumers were taking cuts and going into the other lines. Whatever. Didn't really bother me to much. I was the next in line. But this thrifty store is known for waiting in line for some quite time, by past experiences.
I turned to the lady behind me and told her that those other people were taking cuts in front of us. And her reply was, "Maybe their more in a hurry than we are."
I said "Yeah."
And she said, "You have the most beautiful eyes."
I looked at her and looked down and said, "Thank you."
This woman was an older woman but very beautiful. I wished I looked liked her.
I'm not the one to complain, but when I got up to the cashier, I told her that these sweet ladies and myself were waiting in this line and these other people were taking cuts. I also said, I don't mind but, they were.
The cashier lady said for my patience, she would mark the heart shaped flower box half off. Instead of four dollars, she charged me two dollars for it.
But what really caught my heart tonight was that lady who complimented me on my eyes. Not because I was being complemented. I guess because it was a complete stranger. She was very beautiful herself. Very friendly. Maybe she was an angel being sent to me. Isn't it weird how some people, just give you that sense of peace. You've never met them before. You probably will never see them again. But just for that fleeting wonder if that stranger realizes, that they have just touched your soul. I'm sure I haven't even run across her mind tonight. But she has mine.
I'm going to grab this frozen margarita that my lovely husband has made for me and enjoy this weekend. I do hope that you all have a safe and fun filled 4Th of July.
Peace & Love, Anne
I'm signing off..........from Peek-A-Boo Street.


  1. Your thrift store finds are all great, I especially like the Mother Mary knick knack and the little children knick knacks. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Anonymous7/07/2010

    You always find such neat things at these trift stores. That cup and saucer is gorgeous. That drink sure does look good. Love that little umbrella :>)


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