Friday, July 2, 2010

A Little Nervous

Yesterday I was a little nervous about up coming events. I wanted to post about this yesterday but I was unsure.
As every woman knows, you're suppose to do a self breast exam every month after you have your menses.
Well I did that and I felt a change. Don't know if it was a bump or a lump, but there was a definitely a change in my right breast on a Thursday morning. Saturday, I was throwing a graduation party for my son. I worked so hard for that and I just felt like it was going to be ruined now. Even though the party was a success, my issue was still in the back of my mind of course.
So come Monday, I made a appointment with my Gynecologist which was scheduled for the very next day. By this time, I wasn't feeling whatever I was feeling in my right breast as much anymore. Do I cancel the appointment? I can't believe I'm about to say this but I'm going to. (blushing) Also, I have this pimple like thing on my right breast. I was not to worried about that because I got one on my other breast last year. I think I might have washed my bras with bleach. My skin gets irritated with bleach sometimes. So I was embarrassed about this red pimple thing to. Ugh! My Dr. did not feel anything. So she lead me in the direction of a breast surgeon at my local hospital. My Gyn told me that breast surgeons deal with this sort of thing on a regular basis and know what to look for. She was sending me there because I still felt something sometimes and she could not.
So when I got home from the Gyn, I called and made an appointment with the breast surgeon for the following Monday. Ok. So I had my youngest sons birthday/pool party to get through on Saturday. Again, the party was a success but I still had this health issue in the back of my mind. I worked hard planning this party as well.
So again, I had to warn another Dr. about this breast pimple thing. Also just to get your breasts looked at is very uncomfortable. The breast surgeon was not bothered by the pimple thing. She said, as long as it goes away, that's what we want.
She checked me over thoroughly and told me that she was 99% sure that I did not have any kind of a lump. But to put my mind at ease, and for that 1% chance, she ordered me an ultrasound and a mammogram. But, if something should come up, I would need a biopsy. But the breast surgeon said that biopsies come back 77% of the time, non cancer.
Also, the breast surgeon told me that I was not in the high risk factor.
She told me first and foremost, "Thank goodness you quit smoking 14 years ago."
She also said that it was good that none of my female relatives had no breast cancer.
She also said that my weight was perfect. 116 lbs. She said that obese woman have a higher risk for getting breast cancer.
Also she pointed out that I had a baby at an early age (17), which gave me protection from breast cancer. Instead of 1 in 8, for me, it's 1 in 18 woman who get breast cancer. I forget what she said about that though. I think she said it slowed something down. A hormone or something. I can't think of it at the moment.
She said that I am doing everything possibly right in preventing breast cancer. Woman are suppose to get their first mammograms at the age of 35. So when I did have my mammogram at 40 (which you are suppose to have a yearly basis then), they had something to look back on. Something to compare it with. This is me speaking now. It is so important for woman to get their mammograms at 35. I know, woman think that their to young to worry about that but they need to take their health into their own hands so to speak.
The breast surgeon did put my mind some what at ease. Just the words 'breast surgeon' is a little frightening to me.
Today was the diagnostic mammogram and the ultrasound. So that is why, I was feeling a little bit nervous yesterday. All my fellow bloggers know me. So what did I do yesterday? I had tea!

I took my tea outdoors on my swing. It was so nice and relaxing. It really did make me feel better.
So. Today I had the mammogram and the ultrasound on my right breast. The results at the hospital said that no cancer was found and that nothing looked suspicious and to follow up with the breast surgeon next week for the full report. So I'm assuming that everything is going to be ok, thank God.
The breast surgeon already told me at my appointment that I'm to see her for the next year, every three months, just to make sure all is well.
So I feel like I am in good hands. My situation has been evaluated. I feel like I can enjoy the holiday weekend a bit more. (sigh)
I still want to hear it from the breast surgeon that all went well with the tests, but I think the results are going to be fine.
It's scary. It's very scary. I feel all alone even though I have loving people around me.
I am no different then any other woman. God loves woman who are diagnosed with breast cancer as much as he loves me if not more. How do I feel about woman who have breast cancer. I need to show compassion. Because I don't have the answers.
As I was sitting in the waiting room with all of the rest of the woman waiting for their mammograms or other tests to be taken, I said a prayer for each and every one of them. That no matter what my out come was, that they be cancer free. I'm Catholic. So you know there were a few Hail Mary's thrown in there for these woman whom God loves. Their just like me. Going to get there mammograms done. I also at one point said, "Okay Mother Mary. This one's for me." I also sang that Hail Mary song real slow when I was getting my test done. (The song I posted just a few posts down, in 'Pink, Pink, Pink.' I sing it all the time.)
As you can tell. Prayer can't hurt you in the time of need. But not to be done just in the time of need, but ALL times.
I hope, (sigh) that my little dilemma, will help other woman in seeking medical treatment if they suspect anything unusual for them when they are doing their self breast exams every month. And you should be performing that . As uncomfortable as it may be and is, please keep up on your breast health.
The breast surgeon warned me and told me that self breast exam is so important. No one knows your body like yourself. She also asked me if I check lying down to. I said yes. She said good, because that is so important and that she could not stress that enough.
My mind feels a little more at ease for the long holiday weekend. I will have to call the doctor later next week, but I think all is going to be ok.
Have a great 4Th everyone. (sigh)
We're just going to be taking it easy.
I'm signing off............from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. I hope all is going to be ok. My prayers will be with you. Have a blessed day and a great 4Th. Madeline

  2. Anonymous7/07/2010

    Your little tea tray looks fabulous! I am so glad everything is all right ♥ It was a wonderful thing you did by sharing this experience. I think you have made other women more comfortable about seeking help. Love you....


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