Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Peter Pan! Yep, that's the next book my son and I are reading together. We are only on the second chapter and I have to tell you, I already like it better than The Adventures of Alice and Wonderland.

I don't think I've ever watched the Disney movie of Peter Pan as a child.

But I do remember watching this one with Mary Martin when I was a child....


The first time I watched it, I had spent the night at my Grandma & Grandpa C.'s house. So every time that I had seen it growing up, it always reminded me of them. The YouTube clip above said that it was first broad casted in 1960 for NBC. It has since been out of DVD production. And to own it is very expensive. Oh I would just love to own this classic for my grandchildren to watch. I just love it. It just reminds me of just being a plain ole' kid again. I just love it.
My son and I got to the famous second chapter....The Shadow. The funny thing that I wanted to share with you though is that Nana in Peter Pan is NOT the nanny. Well........it's............the dog. Hey I don't know how I thought it was the nanny. But when the Dad starts talking about Nana having to go outside, well it dawned on me that Nana was not the nanny. The Dad didn't like Nana but the mother does. Even with the quote from the Mom (Mrs. Darling)...."George, Nana is a treasure."
And then Mr. Darling responds...."No doubt, but I have an uneasy feeling at times that she looks upon the children as puppies."
I still did not get it at this point that Nana was a dog. I did think the quote was a bit strange. But what do expect....It's British Literature. Another post on that coming soon.
Then the story goes on to talk about the Dad putting medicine in Nana's bowl. But it still did not dawn on me. I just figured the British liked to drink out of bowls or something. Man I must have been out to lunch or something. The last page of the second chapter started to talk about Nana's bark. Nana's bark? Nana's bark?
Then the Mr. Darling says something like, "The proper place for you is in the yard, and there you will be tied up this instant."
I don't know if my son thought Nana was the nanny or the dog, but I told him at this point.....Nana is not a dog!
I can't wait till my son comes home from school tomorrow so that we can read another chapter of Peter Pan!


  1. Glad to see your back blogging. A great post. I am always buying books for my grandchildren.

  2. Anonymous10/18/2009

    Your back! Ryan is so blessed to have a mother who reads to him. It's a memory he will carry with him always. I loved 'Peter Pan' and actually saw the stage production. It was wonderful ♥ I used to watch it every time it came on TV. Thank you for the memories. Wonderful post ♥


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