Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn Leaves......

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves, autumn leaves
Lie strewn around me here,
Autumn leaves, autumn leaves,
How sad, how cold, how drear!
How like the hopes of childhood's day,
Thick clust'ring on the bough!
How like those hopes in their decay-
How faded are they now!
Withered leaves, withered leaves,
That fly before the gale;
Withered leaves, withered leaves,
Ye tell a mournful tale
Of love once true, and friends once kind,
And happy moments fled:
Dispersed by every breath of wind,
Forgotten, changed, or dead.

By Charles Dickens (English, 1812-1870)


  1. What a lovely poem, goes well with the picture you posted and this time of the year. Have a great day and weekend. Madeline

  2. Anonymous10/02/2009

    This is such a beautiful poem ♥ I also love the picture. Very pretty indeed. I hope you have a wonderful and very blessed day!

  3. Anonymous10/02/2009

    Very pretty poem and pictures.. our leaves are just starting to turn.

  4. Wow! That poem reminds me of my Mom and how she looked at aging!
    I guess Autumn is the decaying, the aging, and the ending, while Spring is hope, and newness, and promise of things to come.
    But I feel refreshed and renewed in the Fall, it invigorates me! And I love those old, decaying leaves lying about.
    A time for every season.

    Beautiful Fall pictures!
    All the best,

  5. Man..i a mpouring a mug O' mulled cider and comin to your house for Autumn!


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