Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sew Happy!

Looky what I made................

It's been years since I've sewn anything. But all of you bloggers out there who sew have inspired me to give it a whirl again. But I have never been a real good sewer. Just did what I had to do.
So I got the old sewing machine out and cleaned it all off. I threaded it up and was fairly surprised I remembered how to do that. Even the bobbin. I'm sooo I'm really not!
So my next stop was the fabric store. That... was a little bit of a nightmare. I was going around and around and then decided to walk out the door. My mind was in a whirl. Patterns alone were like $16. That's just the patterns! I didn't even get the material and notions yet.
The sewing machine was just going to have to go back into the box!
Then I made some measurements for this little accent table I have in the corner of my living room. I don't do measuring and nor do I like it. I'm just not good at that sort of thing. My husband on the other hand is like a math wizard and measures things a thousands of an inch by his automotive trade. But I was not going to ask him for his help this time. No I wasn't. I managed. Look at the pattern I came up with....

Hey, it beats $16! I taped a whole bunch of papers together. I'll be keeping this pattern for future use. I was thinking of making a Christmas table cloth for this little accent table or one that will take me through the winter season.
This little table cloth still cost me $12.67 for the material, thread & lace. I guess it's cheaper then what I could buy this table cloth at a store but I still thought it was a bit pricey.
So there you have it. My first sewing project in years. This project only took about and hour at the most to sew it all up. But the hand made pattern took awhile. Thank you all for inspiring me!
I'm signing off..............from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Hey, I think it looks great!

    My sister asked me to make curtains for her new grandson's bedroom. I have the fabric, but can't bring myself to drag my machine out. Yet! LOL


  2. oh my gosh that was fast! lol it is very pretty, I love it. You did an awesome job!! :)

  3. I can not sew a stitch so I have a true appreciation for anyone with such talent!
    Great job! It's really lovely!
    All the best,

  4. Anonymous8/28/2009

    How beautiful Anne! I love it. You did a wonderful job.

  5. Awright MZ Seamstress! You did a fine job. WE can start sewing again together..did that make sense : ha

  6. You did a great job making the pattern and sewing the table cover. Have a great day Anne.

  7. You did great on your sewing project! Looks like you are ready for fall too...I sure wish we'd get some fall weather around here where we'll be around the end of Oct. for us...Sigh

  8. Hello darling,
    I am back and have missed you terribly!! I have a post on my blog that explains my lengthy absence but enough of that, I just wanted to stop by personally to thank you for the sweet birthday wish you left Cristina and to let you know that your kindness meant the world to us both. I am now off to read the posts that I have missed and to look around your gorgeous blog.
    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  9. Darling have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥♥♥


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