Sunday, August 23, 2009

A New Project...Maybe

Well all of you bloggers have been inspiring me out there with your crafty-ness with your sewing projects.
Sew....I mean so, I thought that I would get out my old sewing machine from the ole, dusty storage room.
Yep, that's it!

Let's take it out of the box.

Needs a good dusting. I don't even no if this machine even works anymore . It's probably 12 years old and I've probably only used it maybe ten times. Yeah. I'm not much of the sewing kind. I never really got into it. I wasn't very good at all the measuring and all that kind of stuff.
But like I said, you've all been inspiring me. Maybe something will come out of this machine. But maybe not. I'll have to keep you all posted on any future projects.
All you of you who do sew probably all ready know what next month is. September is National Sewing Month. I provided you with a link to click on. It will take you directly to the web site. So all of you who sew, keep sewing so you'll inspire me! I love to see your projects!
I'm signing off........from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Good luck. Let us know what you make.

  2. Anonymous8/24/2009

    Oh wow!! I'm excited for you..
    I'm sure it still works.. its hard to kill a Brother machine. just dust her off real good.. then get out the Manuel and find out where it needs oiled and you'll be ready to sew.
    I'd suggest you start making something simple like table napkins... I really enjoy my homemade ones.
    Have fun..
    I can't wait to see what you sew up.

  3. Anonymous8/24/2009

    Oh wow! I can't wait to see what you make. I like the idea of making napkins or something simple. I should try but not this year. I didn't know about national sewing month. That is really cool.

  4. Old Brothers never die they just keep on sewing. New covers for your pillows are also a fun project. You can make them as plain or fancy as you want. Have fun.

  5. hey momma, I didn't know you had a brother sewing machine...Kyle's mom says those are really good ones. I'm sure it will work great still! Can't wait to see what you make. :)


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