Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Summer Cold.....

Hi you all! I do hope everyone who reads my blog is having a fabulous summer so far. I hope that everyone had an enjoyable 4th of July to!
I know I've promised to be back soon and then, well, I came down with a cold this week. Still trying to muster through it.
Last week I had my grandson stay with us for about four days, and we just had so much fun spending time with him. We didn't take the little one yet because he's only a month old. But maybe next month I can take both of my grandchildren over night so that my daughter and her hubby can go out and give them a little break. Aayden, Grandma loves you! And we had such a good time while you stayed with us. ♥ We'll see you soon! And I hope your enjoying your summer! I just love having my grandson come and stay with us. We don't live far from each other so we do still see each other often.
The other night we had spaghetti for dinner. One of my favorite dinner's. We have a fruit market by us that has these olives to-go. Some are the Kalamata. Some are the big green ones with feta in them. Some have garlic cloves in them. There are all different kinds to choose from. So I thought I would make my own to go along with dinner tonight.
Here are the ingredients that I used. But you can really make it however you and your family like.
Feta cheese
Mozzarella cheese
cherry tomatoes
fresh basil
kalamata olives, preferred pitted
salt & pepper to taste
steady drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
Then I chilled it in the fridge for a couple of hours before dinner.
It tasted really good with spaghetti, bread and some red wine. I hope you try it and like it. Here is a picture for you.
I joke around all the time with my family that I wish I was born Italian. Because I just love their foods. Yummy!
As you know, I am into healthy eating. But I do like an occasional crunch to go with my sandwiches. So every now and then I'll buy Sun Chips. I love this snack. They are really good. And they do the trick when your craving potato chips! But any way, I was reading the back of the bag the other day and they were saying that by next year, they want their whole bag to be 100% compostable! I couldn't believe it. I think that's amazing! Way to go Sun Chips!! Hopefully all the other chip bags will follow! So next year when you by these chips and throw away the bag, we'll know that it will be one less chip bag getting thrown away and filling our land fills.
Maybe we should write to our "Chip Dealers" and ask them to consider following. Yay for Sun Chips!

Well all this talk about food is making me hungry. I guess I'll go ahead and get dinner started. I hope you all are having a relaxing and slow paced summer. I tell ya, I really needed it.
Oh by the way, don't forget to watch the premier of Big Brother tonight! I can't wait! I just love that show! And it wouldn't be Summer without it! Take care!
I'm signing off......from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Anne I hope you get over your cold soon. I love Italian food also but then I guess since I am an Italian that could be the reason. Have a good evening. Madeline

  2. YUM! I am craving olives now.

  3. Anonymous7/10/2009

    I hope today finds you feeling better. I hate summer colds. They really wear you down. Your little salad looks simply delicious! I just tryed sun chips. They are really good. You know how I love olives. I love anything Italian :>)

  4. Hello Anne, thank you so much for dropping by my cottage and leaving such a lovely comment. I too dropped by your blog, you have a lovely blog too, full of interesting posts and beautiful photos. I am planning to return this weekend and read your current and archived posts. I also took you suggestion and visited Charli and Me and will contact her regarding Tea and friendship Tuesday’s. I joined your followers and will place a link to your site on mine; we need to help each other to spread our tea passion. By the way, your teacup is charmingly. Please come over for a visit often and next time if you have a moment, please stop and join my followers also, I will sincerely appreciate it.

    See you soon
    Duchess xx


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