Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something Pretty, Something Cute

For something pretty, just the other day I went out shopping at one of my favorite stores, Home Goods (Do you have that store around?) and spotted this pretty petite cake stand....

I'm not sure what I could use it for but I thought it was so pretty. I picked it up and decided I would think about that later, lol! I just love the filigree on the edges.

But for now, I have it sitting on my kitchen counter with a doily and a little bird house on top to adorn it. Doesn't it look like it went together? It just looks so perfect together. I just got this birdhouse out of my keepsake box the other day. I seen it in there and brought it out. My Mom got it for me years ago. So every time I look at it, it reminds me of her. ♥

I prefer antique white over white usually. I just love the creaminess it looks to have. If I can get something in beige or white, I always go for the beige. I've always been that way.

Now for the cuteness.....

My little Schnauzer Peeper is tucked under my vintage desk. It's like she's saying, "OK, that's close enough lady."

I think she's cute anyway. We get her cut short for the summer.
Well I hope your having a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I'll be out looking over all of your blogs in blog land.
I'm signing off........from Peek-A-Boo Street!
P.S: Something doesn't feel quite right around here on Peek-A-Boo Street.
There's something weird going on............


  1. What a lovely pedestal cake plate. I love the way you placed the birdhouse on it. Your dog is cute. Have a good evening. Madeline

  2. I have always wanted a pedestal cake plate. But I don't bake, so I've never bought one. Until now!! The birdhouse idea is adorable. Thanks for the hint!


  3. I have one just life it, or may be very close to it, I recently piled it high with lavender cookies and picked some lavender from my garden to decorate it with, kind of hanging from the side, I wish I had taken a photo of it. This was a good investment, I am glad you got it.
    Duchess xx

  4. The pineapple cake I made today would have looked beautiful on that plate. What fun.

  5. Anonymous7/15/2009

    What a beautiful cake plate. It's so pretty. I love white. The birdhouse is just lovely. Peepers looks so cute.I bet she just loves her day at the spa.


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