Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is the Way We Dry Our Clothes

Ok so the past couple of years now I have been wanting a clothesline to dry my clothes outside. So this past weekend, my husband went and bought me one up at Lowe's. It wasn't the one I wanted but I think this one will do. He got me one of those umbrella kind. It was a surprise for me. So what could I do. How could I complain. Although he did say, if I use it (lol), he'll get me the other one. But like I said, I think this one is going to do the trick.
So of course what came to mind? New, clean, crisp, sun dried sheets hung out to dry with a warm spring breeze. So off to Target I went to pick up some new sheets for my bed.
While I'm waiting for this video to load up, I'm going to brew me some hot tea and then hopefully by then, the video will be loaded up!

Ok, I'm back! Did you here the spring breeze? Wasn't it lovely. Actually it was a bit to windy. But boy, you can bet, that I got a good night sleep that night on my new sheets that were soaked up with the spring breeze and sunshine! It made my bedroom smell so lovely. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.......
You also might have heard a little bit of music playing in the background on the video. That would be my new music selection that I've been adding to my music player on my blog. I will turn up the volume, open up the windows to let the spring air come through the house and start my housework. What a perfect day it was to. I love being a housewife. Ok well I to have my bad days but I do mostly love being at home and taking care of my family and the household. Someones got to hold down the fort. =) But anyway, I hope you all are enjoying my music. I have some music from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and some newer songs I like.
I hope you all are having a lovely spring week!
I'm signing off.........from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. I'm sure your sheets felt and smelled wonderful!


  2. Anonymous4/29/2009

    Now you have me wanted to hang out clothes again. I haven't been doing it because our little hooligan Charli loves to try to pull the clothes off the line. I think I will try again. I love your new music selection. I hope you are having a happy and blessed day ♥

  3. That is too cool! I bet your sheets smell sooo good! =) I really like your music too.

  4. Right now I am listening to That Old Man River a tune from the musical Show Boat, Sixteen Candles music from the 50's what great choices Anne. Looks like the wind was really blowing I bet it dried the sheets and the rest of the wash fast. I know you did sleep like a baby in the fresh smelling sheets. Have a good evening.

  5. Anonymous4/30/2009

    I love my unbrella style clothesline for lots of reasons.. can be closed when you mow.. doesn't take up half the yard.. will fit in a corner spot.. and you never need clothes props to stop shagging lines...
    Enjoyed your video
    I need to do laundry today and it's raining :(

  6. Oh how I love to hang out clothes on the clothes line! Is something my Mom always did too! Nothing like the fresh smell of them when you take them down and fold them up! And of course the sheets on your bed too! Yep, I do like your clothes line too! Of course mine is the old fashioned kind. But hey what can I say, it suits its purpose all in all. Enjoy the spring weather and your new clothes line. If you are like me you will get lots of use out of it!

  7. Mmmm. My MIL swears by hanging her wash out to dry.

    Thanks so much for your comment. Since you also have a penchant for laundry, you might like my post on ironing :)

  8. It looks lovely, it reminds me of why I love to take care of my home and family too!

    Happy Spring time for you!


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