Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting Ready For Mardi Gras Party

Happy Fat Tuesday! I hope you all had your punchki. Now I know I didn't spell that right.
The actual Mardi Gras is today with the parades in Louisiana. Which I won't be attending because I live in Michigan. But also, I hear it can get a little wild down there so I don't know if I'd go anyway. I'd just rather be safe and celebrate Mardi Gras here in my little home on Peek-A-Boo Street. =)
I'll be getting ready for my Mardi Gras party this week. It's going to be on Saturday even though Mardi Gras will be officially over tomorrow. I had a meeting for the upcoming of my son's First Holy Communion, which I could not get out of, last Saturday. So the party is going to be just a few days late this year. Maybe this will be a new tradition in the family. I don't know. I'll have to wait for that.
I got all the decorations up. I went to the store today and got all of the items that I will be needing for the menu. I will be having Chicken Jambalaya, black eyed peas with corn bread for the main meal. I will also be making my own version of a King cake. I went to the bake store yesterday and got the decorations for that. I'll take a picture of that before my guest slice into it! Who will find the King? I will let you know. For drinks I'll be making my Mardi Gras Madness Punch. I'll take a picture of that as well to show you before the guests get their dibs on that. I'll also be serving red wine, beer and pop of course. Probably Coke and 7Up, your two basic soft drinks.
My hubby will be making his appetizers which I posted about earlier. And I just bought a bag a pretzels to put out on the table. I think some of my guests wanted to bring some stuff to which was nice.
I would like to play a game of some sort for the party but I can't think of any. Any suggestion? Like a party game of some kind. What would there reward be? Beads of course! I also bought some beads that I will be giving to my guests as they come in.
I have the music for Mardi Gras. I loved the song on my blog and I looked on the back of my Mardi Gras CD and it's on there! I can't wait to play it.
So I think that's it. I think I got everything I'm going to need. What do you think? Did I miss anything?
Well I have to go dust and vacuum before I pick up my son from school. Because then I'll have to help him with his homework and get dinner going. Have a nice day.


  1. Sounds like everything is coming along nicely!! Can't wait until Saturday!

  2. I just KNOW ya'll are going to have a great time! Is it still cold there? Be sure to take lots of pictures!! Have a great day Anne ♥

  3. Anonymous2/24/2009

    I am sitting here sick and watching the parades on TV.There are having parades all around me,but it is true things can get rough. When my son was in band we went to some of the small parades,BUT I sure don't want to be in New Orleans it gets very bad.
    Hope your party goes well,Brenda

  4. Anonymous2/24/2009

    Sounds like you're ready.. and you're having some of my favorite foods Yum!
    Our city celebrated over the weekend but I didn't go.. it was way to cold to stand outside and watch a parade.

  5. Anonymous2/24/2009

    This will make you happy to celebrate in your sweet home.it just came on the news that after the last float today a gun shot went off.many were hurt,but none killed.It does go on until midnight so I hope nothing else happens.

  6. Anonymous2/24/2009

    Happy, happy Mardi Gras! I'm so excited about the party! I truly love family celebrations. I feel so blessed :>)

  7. Blackeyed peas and corn bread Yummy. Sounds like you are going to have a good old time. Enjoy and be glad you are safe at home celebrating and not in New Orleans.
    Have a blessed day.

  8. Your party sounds like fun! I had my Paczki last night,Bavarian Cream, yummy!!

    If you need any more decorations, I saw my WalMart had all of their Mardi Gras stuff 75% off. They had all kinds of things.

    Have a great day, Denise


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