Monday, November 24, 2008

Show Boat..Continued...

My Mom and I had come barreling in with our cameras in tow ready to start shooting for our blogs when we got there. But, we were not allowed to take pictures. That did not surprise me with what we had already been through up to that point. But just then the lights starting flickering. My Mom said that meant that everyone had to be seated because the show was getting ready to start. The theatre was old and use to be a movie theatre. But it didn't look like anything like a movie theatre. The colors were done in blue, white and gold. I kept thinking of what that old theatre looked like when the lights went off at night. It would be scary in there. Imagine on Halloween night at about midnight, yikes! Even though it was an older theatre, I liked it because you could just feel the history in that building. There were pictures of plays done there in years past. It was quite interesting. It had chandlers of course. There was this old red sofa with the gold trimming up around the top.
The play was just fantastic. It was a musical. The costumes were nice. I liked how they all wore there hair. There were even children in the play. I liked the boat, Cotton Blossom I think the name was. I liked how they had the curtains on the boat blowing. It was neat how they made the river look real just by the lighting. It looked like you were seeing the reflections of the river. The singing was superb. It was neat how they would change the scenes right there with the curtains open. Sometimes you wouldn't even notice because you would be busy looking at something else going on in the play. There was also an intermission.
I don't know to much about the history of Show Boat. Don't even know if it's a real story. I know, I'm not much of a history buff. But it looked to be real. From what I got out of the musical play was that you start right back from where you came from. There was this woman who was an actress on the Show Boat. Her parents owned the Show Boat. Then she got married and left Show Boat. Then after some years after her husband left her, she returned to the Show Boat along with other characters from the play. So they all ended up back on the Show Boat. Boy I hope I'm at least a little bit right with the plot of the play. Someone may write me back and say, "Hey Peek-A-Boo Street, what the heck are you talk'in about?!"
I took a picture of the brochure so that you can get a glimpse of what the theatre looked like.
I want to go to another play. At least if we do, we'll know where we're going and what to do next time. Like not stuffing quarters in the parking meter when it's Sunday. Who in the heck would know that. Do you? You can tell that I don't work in a business district. I'm a stay at home mom for crying out loud.
My Mom told me that that was the last show of Show Boat last night. She said that they have huge parties at the end of the show when it's the last running play. There was even a standing ovation. My mom told me that not all plays got standing ovations. But we just had such a great time. I even had to chuckle when I got home and started to relax about the whole experience. We had such a blast though. I will always have those silly memories of my mom and I running with our coats blown back like the Phantom of the Opera or something, running, running to catch our play in time. I love you Mom! (lol) The End.


  1. Too funny! I can just see your guys hair blowing in the wind as you are running down the street frantically! LOL!! oh boy that is a knee slapper. :)

  2. Anonymous11/25/2008

    Wow! What a wonderful experience. I love old theaters and plays. Wish I could have been there.

  3. The theater looked stately. I love old buildings. In l951 there was a movie Show Boat. A romantic musical starring Kathryn Grayson, Ava Gardner and Howard Keel. It was about the daughter of a riverboat captain who falls in love with a gambler. It been a long time but I can still hear the wonderful voices of Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson. I wonder if your play was based on the same movie.


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