Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mama's Got a New Pair of Shoes!

Mama needs a new pair of shoes. Did I go gambl'in again. Well no but I still needed a new pair of shoes. I always wear tennis shoes. But now that I'm getting older I just wanted a pair of shoes that I can slip on when I'm in a hurry to run out the door for a quick errand or something. So I went up to Kohl's and found the most comfy shoes I've ever bought. They are so light weight and hug your feet. They are made by Dr. Scholl's. Do you remember those Dr. Scholl's wooden sandals that contoured your feet with the one buckle strap running across your toes? Weren't those neat?! I wish they still made those, I would definitely get me a pair. I wonder if you could get them on line. Although I don't do any purchasing on line. Anyway I seen these shoes. They sort of remind me of those swimming shoes you buy to protect your feet from the rock on beaches. You know which ones I'm talking about? Well these Dr. Scholl shoes are kind of like that but with much more support. They have this gel like cushion in the heals. You can kind of see it in the picture. Although it takes a little tugging to get them on which I didn't want but the shoe was just to comfy to pass up. They were on sale for $33. Which I didn't think were a bad price. I would love to get a pair for just inside for when I'm doing my chores around the house. The shoe gives your a foot a nice snug feeling on your feet. They like move with your feet. So comfy. I'm happy with them. Mama is signing off on Peek-A-Boo Street with a new pair of shoes!


  1. Anonymous11/09/2008

    That is so funny because I just came from Kohl's and had bought two pairs.. one pair of New Balance to wear in public shopping and a comfy pair of snuggly men's house shoes that slip on my feet, are fur lined and spongy soft inside.
    Enjoy your new shoes.

  2. Anonymous11/09/2008

    I love those shoes! I think they are so cute. They do look comfortable too.


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