Wednesday, September 3, 2008

>>>>>Honk! Honk! >>>>>

I just love Canadian Geese. They're one of my favorite birds. The first time they caught my attention was when I went back to see my grandmother's grave for the first time after her death. I was standing by my grandmother's grave with my family when all a sudden a flock of Canadian Geese flew overhead of us flying in their "V" form just honking away. That is one of the ways I know that God is telling me that He is around me. Whether times or going good or bad in my life, it seems like those birds always fly by right at the perfect moments in my life. That's how I just know that that is a little message of God telling me that He's close by. Not that I don't think he is. It's just one of God's little ways of telling me that He's watching over and that He is present. Yesterday was my son's first day of school and we walked. He said "Mom what is that?!" I was like "Oh my gosh! It's those birds!" There must have been 50 of them flying over us in their usual "V" form just honking away. I just knew in my heart that God was just letting me know that he is watching over us. What a great feeling I had as my son and I were walking to his school on his first day. What a great way to start off a new school year.


  1. Anonymous9/03/2008

    I always loved those birds too. How neat that you and Ryan walked to school together. You are creating such wonderful memories :>)There is nothing better in this whole world than quality time with mom.

  2. You know I am very pleased to know that someone else sees that God is in everything, I too love to hear the geese flying over.


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