Friday, August 17, 2012

My Whitie Tidies~

Whew, OK, I think my heart rate is back to normal. I've been wanting to show off my whitie tidies for some time now but I display them in my glass curio cabinet which has mirrors in the background so taking any photos would be difficult. Glares, me in the background, etc. The photos wouldn't have turned out very well.
When I seen my blogger friend Donna show off her milk glass, I just had to show off mine. So I took them out of the cabinet one by one trying not to nick them on the glass so the pieces wouldn't chip. I think I stopped breathing at some point. And if you seen my curio cabinet you would see how small the darn thing is and I had a difficult time getting them out and wondering how in the heck I got these whitie tidies in there! But I got them out, quickly took some photos and the whitie tidies are safely back inside the cabinet and I'm not hyperventilating anymore. Sigh. Breath Anne breath.
I hope you enjoy my small collection...

This little girl is a bell, but I think she is sweet as pie...

I know a few bloggers who collect brides and grooms, so when I seen this cute little happy couple, I just had to take 'em home. Just look at their eyes. So adorable...

Cute little shoe...

A Top Hat dish with a daisy and button pattern...

I bought this white beauty at a thrift store for $10.....

When I stopped at a red light I picked it up admiring it and turned it over and guess what it said?.......

It's hard to see in the photo but inside that circle it says Fenton!!!!!!! I'm sure the people next to me at the stop light were wondering why this crazy lady was screaming. =)

Some more of my flower box collection....

I hope you enjoyed my whitie tidie collection. Thank you for visiting. =)


  1. You have some very lovely pieces. Thank you for sharing your collection with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Wow, Anne! I am in love with your gorgeous milk glass collection! I've never seen any of those floral lidded boxes before, they are so pretty! Too funny about screaming at the stop light:) The hobnail pattern is one of my favorite, I've got a Fenton vase that my mom gave me years ago and I really treasure. And that little angel is just adorable! Thanks for sharing with us, now you can breath:)!

  3. Adoro tutte queste cose in bianco latte!Come mi piace sentire la musica del tuo blog!baci,Rosetta

  4. Anonymous8/17/2012

    What a nice collection. Really beautiful pieces. I like white hobnail.Have a good week.

  5. Hi Anne! Oh, you have some beautiful pieces. Glad you didn't chip anything too. I can just see your squealing when you found out that piece was a Fenton! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;0

  6. Anne, they are all beautiful, and what lucky finds. I love the pieces that have ruffly edges, and they are probably the easiest to chip. So glad you were able to photograph them and get them back into the cabinet without chipping any. laurie

  7. Your collection is beautiful! Congrats on the Fenton. I would have screamed, too!!!

  8. I don't know a lot about the Fenton
    but from your reaction to it I think
    it's time I learned.. I do have a few
    pieces because they look nice with
    my white shabby fireplace..
    Thanks so much Anne for your visit to
    my blog today and your sweet comment.
    I'd like to see the curio cabinet
    some day.
    Thanks again

  9. Beautiful! The bride and groom are to die for, amazing detail.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures, great post!
    Enjoy the weekend! :)

  10. Your collection is beautiful! My Mom used to have a lot of milk glass, I had quite a bit myself, but then we started purging the house for a move, and now I just have a very few sentimental pieces.


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