Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some Dessert....And Fire

After a busy day here on Peek-A-Boo Street my husband said that he would grill dinner. Us ladies have to be thankful for summer and for our wonderful hubbies who love to grill. So glad that I did not have to deal with din din tonight. But I did manage to get my grocery shopping done earlier today and I treated my family to a quick summer dessert.
All you need is just three, yep 3 ingredients, and your good to having a happy family.

1. Individual Shortcakes
2. A tub of thawed frozen strawberries
3. Cool Whip (the REAL Cool Whip)
*That's it!!

Meijers (my favorite grocery shopping store), had these wonderful pink strawberry shortcakes. I have never seen them in pink, only the ordinary color. The shapes were a little different as well. But these little desserts go back to when I was a kid when my Mom use to make these for my sister and I. The desserts back then were made with such love and simplicity. Think about it. Jello was a dessert to me.
As the evening wore on, we decided to hangout by the fire.

Sorry the video is sideways. For the life of me I tried to fix it but I guess the sound of the video is what matters.

We've even lit a few of our tiki lights.

I hope you're all having a splendid evening.
I'm signing off......from Peek-A-Boo Street!

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