Monday, January 31, 2011

I Couldn't Resist

Greetings! Okay, I'll admit. Remember those teacups I found for $7.50 last week? Well I couldn't resist. I just had to go back to my favorite thrift store and pick out just a few more teacups. I really could not resist. I don't know about you but I just can't find teacups in my town for that price. Their double or triple that price.'s a peek. I pictured Royal Albert's 'Old English Rose' last week. But I found a dessert plate for only $5. So tell me, how can a girl resist that when I had bought the teacup and the saucer last week. Well I couldn't!..............

See. Now I have a perfect match. I just couldn't resist! Come check out the rest of the teacups I bought. This next one is Wellington China England. I love the light blue inside the cup and on the saucer with the dainty flowers on the edges. So pretty.

This next teacup says 'Queen Anne' on the bottom, and it's from England. I just loved all the roses around the edge of the saucer. So elegant.

The next one I'm showing you the saucer first. One look will explain why!....Just look at the red roses on this beautiful saucer!

And here it is again with the teacup set a top of it. I think this might be my favorite teacup that I picked up today. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to give you the name of this one. I was just so captivated by it's beauty. 'Royal Ascot' from England.

The next teacup is a 'Colclough' from England. Love the half opened roses on this teacup. Very nice.

And this last one I have to show you today is called 'Moss Rose' by Royal Albert. Love the shape of this teacup. It's so dainty and pretty. Love the flowers on this one. It looks so springy.

Spring???? Well not for awhile anyway. I don't care what that darn ground hog says in a couple of days. We have a major....a MAJOR winter storm coming our way here in Detroit. Oh it's just going to snow about 2 inches an hour and the totals are expected to be over a foot. Yep, a foot! But if you have been following me here on Peek-A-Boo Street over the past three winter's , you know how bad our winter's can be. And you also know how much I love them. Yep. Winter is my favorite season. I would NEVER leave my great state of Michigan in search for a warmer climate. Never. I LOVE the winter time. And I ♥ snow storms! They say that it's only happened maybe six times since the 1900's where we got so much snow like this accumulated in one storm. But we'll be ok. We'll muster through it. I just hope we don't lose power. Right behind this storm is sunny skies but temps dropping down to ZERO for a couple of days after the storm. Oh this ought to be a fun week.
So with that......I'm signing off..............from Peek-A-Boo Street!
P.S. I can't believe how lucky I have been in finding all of these Royal Albert teacups. And yes, their from England. I prefer the teacups I collect to be from England. But have purchased others if I like the teacup.


  1. Anne, These tea cups are just beautiful. I like all of them. Stay safe durning the storm and I hope you do not lose power. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  2. You lucky girl you...These are gorgeous Anne! Stay safe during your snow storm...hoping and praying that you stay safe and don't lose power too :)
    Big Hugs,


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