Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Basket Of Flowers

Hello fellow bloggers. I am so happy because I love how my last sewing project turned out. I'm so proud of myself. I'm becoming quite the little sewer. All of these projects that I have made lately came with no patterns either. So don't mind if I pat myself on the shoulder. Plus, I'm not much of a sewer. You all have inspired me to do a little sewing.
I mentioned in a few sewing posts ago, that I came up with an idea that I would hope will inspire you this time.
Is this you? Pockets stuffed with socks, shirt stuffed with more socks, oh dear, their are four more pairs of socks. One under each arm pit and the other in my mouth. My arms are full and I'm lugging all of these clean socks up the stairs! Oop...fell. Oh there goes another. And so on and so on until you leave a trail leading to your families room to put their socks away.
Well I wanted one of those oval baskets and I found one thrifty shopping one day for $4.

I washed it out real good with water and set to dry. Then my wheels in my head started turning and wondered how I could spruce this basket up a bit. I knew! I was going to make a cover for it with material. I knew that I wanted pink and white gingham.
Well I couldn't find the fabric that I wanted so I landed on this pink with white daisy fabric that was just the look I was looking for. And of course, you know how I just love adding ruffle to my sewing projects so I chose white eyelet for the ruffle. I thought that it would hold up more than a lace. I just can't wait to show you. Here is my finished project. Isn't it nice?
Side view.

View looking in.
I started off with 2 yards of fabric but only needed one. So I got another yard of this fabric which I love. I can't wait to use it for another project some day. Not sure for what yet.
So this is how I cut the fabric yard. Yep it looks rather silly but I didn't have a pattern and I just eyed balled it. Yet it was a little nerve racking without a pattern. You don't want to mess up when you spent money for the material. I did make sure before I cut it that I had enough fabric to sit at the bottom of the basket nicely.
Then I sewed the hem with elastic band inside of the hem. I forgot to use one of those elastic slider things you add to the elastic to slide in through the sewed hem. So yeah, it took me two days to get the elastic through the hem. I didn't want to take out the hem and have to pin it up again.
After I sewed the hem, I found out that I needed another two yards of ruffle, so back up to the fabric store I went. And thank goodness, they had more of the same ruffle. I was happy about that. But the ruffle alone was $12 dollars for four yards. What's up with this expensive ruffle thing? Gees. So darn expensive. I'm going to have to start watching for sales and bargains. This stuffs expensive. It was more for the ruffle than it was for the fabric! Good heavens. Can't a girl get a little ruffle to add to her projects?
Before I gathered the elastic through the hem, I sewed the ruffle on first. Then gathered up the elastic through the hem which took me a couple days.
But I did it. Once I gathered the elastic through, I sewed it. Then I closed the ruffle on top of it and sewed that down over it.
And voila! My basket of flowers is done. I wish I would have left a little more material for the bottom of the basket so it fit just a little bit better. But I think the fabric will stretch over time. Also if it gets dirty, you can just take it off and wash it on gentle cycle. This was a very easy project and it would have been done with in a day if I was to use one of those elastic sliders.
My dog Peeper has one of these baskets but on a smaller scale. Wouldn't that be cute to make one for her toy basket with a dog paw fabric or a fabric with dog bones on it or something?
I do have another sewing project in mind. But I need fall fabric and haven't seen that out yet. But when I finish it, I will be sure to show you all.
Have a nice night. We got another full moon over here on Peek-A-Boo Street.
Speaking of which,
I'm signing off.........from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Another nice sewing project. You are doing good. Will be watching out for your fall projects. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Anonymous7/25/2010

    This is so pretty and what a great idea. I'm always loosing soaks too. they fall off my pile and then I have to back drack to see where they are LOL I love the idea of making a basket for dog toys with paw print material. How cute is that. You are making some of the neatest projects!


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