Friday, June 11, 2010

Tomorrows The Day

Well tomorrow morning, bright and early, my family and I will be in attendance to see my son walk across the stage to get his high school diploma.
The cap is ready to go. And the gown has been pressed. For some reason, the color looks purple, but it's maroon.

How excited we all are. I can't believe the time has come for my son to be graduating from high school.
It takes a lot of work, commitment and dedication on the part of the child and the parents to see this day come about and unfold before their eyes.
I'm wishing, that time will stand still, for just a moment, for my son, myself and family as my son walks across the stage and takes hold of his hard earned diploma. There will be young adults before him and after him to receive their diplomas. So I really do just want to take in the moment that he receives his diploma.
A little note to my son;
Mom & Dad, are so proud of you. We love you. We are so blessed and so lucky to have you for a son. You really are an awesome person with a great personality. You have grown into such a bright and handsome young man. Well you have always been a good looking kid. =) Mom & Dad...and your family, wish you the best in all of your endeavors through life. Off to college you go boy. You have to buy your mama some pink furry slippers
(personal joke)! Now see, I'm getting all teary eyed. =)
With all of our love,
Mom, Dad, and your little bro. ♥
P.S. Then comes the paaarrrtyy! Yah baby!


  1. Lots of luck to your son as he graduates high school and enters college. I know how proud you are of him. I felt that same pride when my children received their diplomas. Wishing him all the best in the future. Madeline

  2. aww congratulations!

  3. Anonymous6/13/2010

    I cried as I read this post. Anne, you and Mike are the best parents in the whole world. I think I know how your feeling. Your so happy he's graduating but still sad that his school years are over. All of the work in collage is up to him. Michael the world is yours. Remember everything that was said at your commencement... Make good solid decisions, honor and respect your parents, remember all the people who helped you get where you are today, remember everything you were taught in school, be kind, above all choose a career you love. Congratulations!!!! We are so proud of you!!! We love you so much ♥♥♥
    Grandma and Grandpa G

  4. Anne, I can remember when my son graduated then went off 2000 miles to school. I used to get teary eyed in the grocery store, of all places! Every time I went by the aisles of food that he liked, I choked up. LOL
    Tell him congrats.
    Thanks for coming by for a visit!
    :-) Sue

  5. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment on my Met. post.

    Congratulations to your son and to you also..lots goes into getting children through highschool..and then the real fun begins! How wonderful is marching at him fast!
    I wish him the best of everything!

  6. Congrats to your son! I know this has been a very exciting week for you and your family :) Our son graduated last year...I know exactly how you are feeling. Many Blessings to you and yours...
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Big Hugs,


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