Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sew Vintage

Good evening fellow blogger's. As I was resting on this fine Sunday, I thought I'd pick up my vintage pillow that I've been working on. It has been giving me such a hard time. I'm not much of a sewer. But I really wanted to make one. As with the banner I made (just a few posts down), once again, I got the idea from all of you blogger's out there. I've seen these vintage pillows popping up all over blog land here. And I thought, a pillow? How hard could that be? Boy was I wrong. I was getting ready to throw this thing into the garbage and move onto my next sewing project but, I really wanted this vintage pillow and I had already invested all of the material so I didn't want to throw in the towel just yet. So I took all of the seams out and tried again. And lookie here. My handmade vintage pillow....

I took the darn thing all apart and tried sewing it just one more time. And it worked. Or it looks decent enough for me to have it set out on my bed. I'm so glad that I tried one more time. Because I really did want the vintage pillow for my bed and now I'll have it forever. Gee, I didn't think a little pillow could be such a hassle. I wanted to make more but, I just don't know about that. I'll have to see about that. But I do have a few more sewing projects in mind that I really want to get going on and excited about.
But anyway, did you notice the green patch in the center of the pillow? Yep, it's a pocket. I just had to have a pocket like all of your vintage pillows out there. By the way, the pillow is about 11 inches by 18 inches.
You could put your wedding picture in there or whatever you'd like to put in there. I was even thinking of a rosary. I don't know. I'll have to go around the house and find something special to tuck in there.
Well I hope you all had a lovely weekend. And thanks again for all of the inspiration you all bring to me!
I'm signing off.....from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. You did a good job. The pillow looks real nice. Oh yes you asked if Bob was Deann's husband no he is my oldest daughter, Debra's husband. Keep on sewing. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. I think it's just beautiful Anne! (hugs)

  3. Hi Anne,

    Your vintage pillow came out lovely girl! Don't get discouraged about making another one...just do it.
    You know, it's terrible when we are our own worst critics.
    Trust me, your pillow is beautiful and what's even more special is that YOU made it :)

  4. Anonymous6/23/2010

    Your pillow is absolutely beautiful and I just love that little pocket! You are making me want to drag out my sewing machine LOL I love the colors and the lace on the pillow too. You did a fantastic job!

  5. I think you did a mighty fine job, don't sell yourself short!



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