Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Winter Blahs

So what is a girl to do to cheer herself up from the winter blahs...
Two things. Dishes & perfume. =)

Okay, in all honesty. You ladies are not going to believe this. My husband has been hounding me to go out and get us a new set a dishes. Yep. You heard me right husband! Well I was like...yeah...sure honey! And on my way out the door of the store, this little bottle of perfume was just calling my name. It just came out on the market by American Beauty, Red Rose. I can't describe it. But the scent is very nice. I was laying in bed the other thinking. You know, that perfume doesn't even smell like roses. But it's beautiful. I usually don't splerge like this. But it was just calling out to me...."Smell me."
So see. I told my hubby. You got the dishes. I got the perfume. It all works in the end, doesn't it ladies. =)
I'm signing off.....from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. The dishes are lovely, hope your husband liked them. Enjoy the perfume. Sounds like you are feeling alot better. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. Now you can smell fantastic and eat beautifully as well. What a great combination and everyone is happy.

  3. Very pretty dishes! And the perfume bottle is pretty too! Scent sounds nice, I'm not a big fan of a rose scent but you said it doesn't really smell like roses. I'll have to give it a try. I'm a perfume addict!
    All the best,

  4. Darling, wishing you a love filled Valentine’s Day, full of laughter, good food and great company.

    Love & Hugs


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