Sunday, October 18, 2009


Well this morning as I was getting on my make up and getting ready to get my son off to school. How many of you ladies use these eye lash curling gadgets?

How many have you turned your head to look at your cute dog in the morning and then there goes your upper lashes? Mmhmm. Pulled out by the roots. I mean, yanked out by the roots. It happened to me this morning. Not a very good thing to happen first thing in the morning.

It's my fault though. This has happened to me before with my fingers slipping into the handles. This one is a Revlon product. I couldn't find the Cover Girl one with the rubbery blue, coated handle, so I grabbed this one instead. Before only a few eye lashes came out. This morning almost half my upper lid of lashes came out. Boy, I do hope they grow back soon. I have to go to church on Sunday. If I glob a little bit more of mascara on, you can't tell to badly. So I'm going to throw this lash curler away and go up to my local drug store and get me back my Cover Girl eye lash curler. Huh. Us woman have to go through so much to look nice, don't we? My husband says he still loves me. Eye lash-less or not. Bless his heart. He better!

If you do have this Revlon lash curler, please use with caution. My fingers just slip on these metal handles.

On another note, I just wanted to show you what I found at the thrift shop the other day.

This miniature tea set was brand new in the box. It's so cute and dainty. If you click on the pic, you will be able to see the roses on it close up. I don't know if you can tell, but the tray it heart shaped. I just thought it was so pretty. I'm setting it by my antique doll that I have in my parlour/office.

P.S. I bet your still laughing about my ordeal with the eyelash curler. It's ok. (lol)

Have a fabulous day!

I'm signing off..........from Peek-A-Boo Street!
(Added this photo later.) I found my CoverGirl eye lash curler. For when my eyelashes start to grow back. =)


  1. Anne I know that hurt. I have long curly eyelashes so I have never had to use an eyelash curling gadget. The tea set is just adorable. Hope your lashes grow out soon. Have a blessed Sunday. Madeline

  2. I just threw mine out last year because it drove me nuts. I just posted about my Spanx insanity last week at a wedding. Honestly I swear these things are invented by men just to torture women:) The now sell a chemical to make your lashes grow longer. Commercial was on TV and my dermatologist had an add in the office but it has so many side effects not sure it is worth it:) Ah what we go thru to look pretty!

  3. I tried not to laugh Anne, really I did.
    Thank you so much for your words that you left me on my Landon post. I so appreciate your lovely comment.

  4. Anonymous10/18/2009

    Good evening Anne. I haven't used one of those in years. I'm so lazy these days that I don't even use mascara. Thanks for the tips though because i have thought about getting one again. If I do it will be the cover girl for sure.

  5. Darling, just stopped by to see how you are doing. Longtime no visit...I missed you. I hope life is treating you marvelously.


  6. Whoops, been there, done that!

    My eyelash curler was OLD and the rubber thingy was lashes caught in the crack, I jerked, and out they came.

    I don't curl them anymore..what ya see is what ya get!



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