Monday, September 21, 2009

That Poe Guy Is So Strange...

That's Edgar Allan Poe of whom I'm talking about.
Sorry I've been absent for three weeks. But I think you've got a sense of what I've been doing.
Reading, reading and more reading. I can't get my nose out of these classic stories.
I finally got me a nice reading chair for my office. I like to call it my parlour now because it turned out so nice and cozy. I'm surrounded by all my favorite things. I'm constantly in this room.......reading. I have a stack of books to finish through. My husband complains that I'm always reading and that he never sees me. Oh he'll be fine. He's got his football now so I don't feel so bad. :) If he wants to spend his time rooting for the loser Lions...well that his prerogative. I need to catch up on my reading. It's just a nice little room. I like to just close the door, and shut the world out, and read to my little hearts content.
I have been getting into some of the classic stories and classic authors. I decided that I needed to broaden my horizons and my brain with some good old fashion literature. And I'm so surprised that I'm really loving it and enjoying it. I just love how one book, leads you to another book.
Stemming from the book I'm still reading, 'The Treasures of America's Short Stories,' has the short story 'Ligeia' by the author...Edgar Allan Poe. I liked it. It peeked my curiosity.
When I was up at Barnes and Noble, I found this book for only $9.99.

Edgar Allan Poe's poems and tales. Well I surely picked it up. Someone had told me to read the 'Raven' poem. Well I did. It was strange. I'm 40 years old and have never read that poem. It's his most popular poem.

Then someone else said that I just had to read 'The Tell-Tale Heart.' I read it and it was indeed, very strange. Kind of a sick story actually. Then I came across another tale, 'The Black Cat.' Man was that a sick tale as well. I thought oh my, this Poe guy sure is strange.
Then I heard someone else say that he wrote 'The Pit and the Pendulum." I looked it up in my book and sure enough it had it in there. So I read that as well. I really liked that one. That to was sick and strange.
I haven't read to much about Edgar Allan Poe as of yet but I did read somewhere that he was an alcoholic. Maybe mister Poe, should have laid off the sauce a little bit. Some of his tales are very sick and strange. But he peeked my curiosity and I'm continuing reading his crazy tales.
I'm getting ready to read, 'Hop-Frog.'
My son has to read every night for about 15 minutes for school as part of his homework. He's in third grade. So we have been reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. And I really like that one. It's pretty good. I'm 40 years old and have never read that story. After Alice, my son and I are going to read Huckleberry Finn. I can't wait for that one. Again I've never read that story either.
After I finish reading this guy's Poe's tales, I want to read 'Little Woman.' Again, a classic that I have never read.
So that is what I've been up to these past few weeks. I've had my nose in a bunch of books. In between these readings, I have been reading other books that I am trying to finish in between the classic stories.
I've also just begun a subscription to National Geographics.
Boy I hope I can keep up with all of this reading. I know what I'm going to be doing a lot of this autumn. Speaking of autumn, tomorrow's the first day of autumn.
I can't believe that another summer has past. Our leaves have been falling for weeks now. We are losing then early this year probably because of the cool summer we had. But the colors are really vivid this year on the falling leaves.
I'll be stopping by all of your blogs to see what you've all been up to!
I'm signing off.........from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Glad it was only reading that kept you from your blog. Glad your back. I agree with you about Poe. I have read Alice in Wonderland, Huck Finn, and Little Women but it has years ago. Again glad you are back enjoy your reading. Madeline

  2. Good for you! Losing yourself in a book is a wonderful way to get lost!
    Edgar Allen Poe was required reading for me in my Freshman year of high school, I know every one of those short stories you talked about, and I loved them! And I was glad I was reading them in a classroom with forty-two other girls and not alone somewhere!
    All great books you have on your list and now I'm getting the bug too! I'll have to go book shopping!

    By the way, I loved your "if my husband wants to root for the loser Lions.."! It made me laugh out loud!

    Enjoy your reading!
    All the best,

  3. I have a thing for Poe. My hubby is related to him and that makes him even more interesting. Keep reading.

  4. Anonymous9/21/2009

    Good evening Anne, I love how you are loving reading. How wonderful for Ryan ♥ You are introducing him to some wonderful books. Poe is a strange writer. His books and poems are perfect for fall. Huckle berry fin is a great book too. I only read that one a couple of years ago. It's nice that you have your little reading room to get away to.

  5. Poe is a great author for this time of year. When I was going to school most of the books you mentioned were required reading for English classes. But I haven't read them for years. You have nudged me to take another look at them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey there girl!
    Sounds like you've been having a fun time reading..... and how wonderful that you've created a cozy spot of your own too! I wish I had a parlor (reading room) for "me". I am not a real big reader, but as I have gotten older, I do enjoy reading alot more now, than when I was in school. When I was in school and as a child, I had a hard time comprehending what I was reading. It seemed as if it was just words to me. I wonder what was wrong with me?! No attention span back then I guess. I really enjoy reading now, guess it helps when I can comprehend it right?! Anyway, I definately remember studying about Edgar Allen Poe in English in school, and I do remember his work being strange to me, and him being strange, and I remember feeling sorry for him....maybe these memories are not accurate...but anyway, I don't remember his stories at all...The Raven is ringing a bell a little bit. You've got my curiosity peeked now...I will have to try to find some of his stories and read them. I found a book in my 12 yr old sons room, (don't even know where he got it from) but it's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving....I have never read that...I've only seen the movie, so I've got it in the living room, sitting on the coffee table...I'm gonna dive in soon, when I get the chance! It'll be perfect fun reading with October right around the corner!It's got a fun and scary front cover on the book too! LOL!
    Happy Reading to you!
    Big Hugs,

  7. Yep! Edgar is a little too creepy for my tastes. On the other hand, Little Women was always a favorite. The movie is also wonderful.

  8. Hi Anne.....

    Thanks for coming to visit... :-) And, glad to see you've returned to blogerville!....Reading really is good fun, isn't it? I never used to read. I couldn't concentrate...I knew there were things that needed to be done and I always felt to guilty to spend time "doing nothing"....yeah, well, the reading bug hit know the story! My Mum could recite the entire poem; The Raven! Even just before she passed away. We'd all run and say "nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo" when she'd start. We'd all heard it a million times. I haven't read many classics either....I think I'll get on that. I read The Girl of the Limberlost when I was a Mum had to pay me to read it...oh how I hated to read....if you can find it, it's a wonderful book. Jean Stratton Porter also wrote Freckles. I have both old editions.

    The roses were hung when they were really fresh. You can't wait too long. I don't know if it was the type of rose or what, but they did dry beautifully. Just wrap a bit of twine around them and hang them upside down. Hopefully your next ones will turn out nicely. These dried darker than most. I love them....and of course, they "belonged" to my Mum...

    Have a wonderful week!


  9. Love Poe..when i lived in Charleston..I discovered that Poe was stationed on Sullivan's Island there. We had a street named Poe and also Goldbug. M y favorite story is The Tell Tale Heart !

  10. h-m-m-m I bet he would have an interesting biography. Wonder where we could find it ?

  11. Hi Anne,
    I have been a Poe fan from a very early age. I found him in my early teens and read all his stories. Reading your post made me realize that I need to reread them, because I have forgotten so many of them. I wonder if loving Poe makes me sick and strange Just before Halloween would be perfect Poe reading time.

  12. I actually had to read Raven and The Tell Tale Heart for school. I agree he is pretty sick. You guys will enjoy Huckleberry Finn, I read that one recently for school as well. :)

  13. Darling, what a beautiful way to spend time, reading. I enjoy reading too and at times I forget everything and read and read to the end, of course a good book does help. Thank you for your visit and for having tea with me.

    Love & Hugs

  14. You are reading some of my favorite things ever! Little Women has been a fav since I first read it in the 4th grade. Another of my short story authors is O'Henry. Thanks for coming for a visit today.As soon as I clean my pantries, I'm working on my fall decorating- which won't be up for long, since I want to have all my Chuistmas done by the end of Nov. I haae to get organized quick! Hope you'll visit again! :-) Sue

  15. Hi Anne...Sounds like you're getting into the fall mode. Nothing like curling up with a good book in cooler weather, is there? Speaking of cooler weather, our leaves have been falling for weeks as well, but they are more vivid this year. Enjoy Mr. Poe!


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