Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh What A Day!

Today was a real busy but a fun filled day. First of all my grandson is staying with us for the weekend. I wanted him to stay with us again before school starts back up. I probably won't be able to take him again to Christmas break. Maybe I can fit an over night in here and there but not a few days all at once.
So the day started by pre-making dinner for later so that I can just pop it in the oven for when everyone gets hungry. Then I baked some M&M cookies.....

We rode our bikes and then decided we were hungry for that dinner.
We had the most awesome Italian dinner. I was going to take a picture of that to but I remembered after I ate. Ugh. Sorry. I really wanted to get a picture of that. I made my pasta stuffed shells. I made my own olive & cheese salad. I posted a pic of that a few posts down on a previous day. We also had pesto with some crunchy crackers and those crunchy little flavored toasts you can buy in a bag. For dessert we had Neapolitan ice cream and of course some more cookies!
Then we all decided to go swimming until the sun started to go down.

After swimming, we all warmed up by getting into our jammies and then settled in for the evening. The boys are watching t.v. in the bedroom.
I decided to relax in the living room for a bit. But first I lit a few candles...
Made myself my favorite evening tea.....

I just love Sleepy Time Tea. =) Mmmmm. I also like the name of it. There's something about how Sleepy Time Tea just rolls off your tongue.
Even my pooch was getting sleepy..........
Vedy sleeeepy......... =)
Well after some evening reading. I blew out the candles and we all headed off to bed. One more peek outside before I go to bed. My nightly ritual.....

Awww, a full moon tonight. Now off to beddy by time.

Yes, this is my favorite blanket and my pillow if you can't see it. It's kind of dark in here.
Well okay fellow or I mean lady bloggers. Lights out for us. What a fun filled day we had! Tomorrow's another day....God willing. That reminds me that I have to say my prayers. =)
And I pray that God will watch over each and everyone of you tonight and always! Good night!
I'm signing off.........from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Those cookies look scrumptious, sugar! I'll be right over for some with ya.....

  2. Anne, thank you soooo much for baking those delish cookies for me! I'll take 17 dozen! *giggle~wink*

    Christina! :)

  3. Anonymous8/06/2009

    Awww.... I just love this post. Everything was perfect. That's it I am coming over to spend the night at your house LOL Those cookies look delicious and your dinner sounds like it was super delicous. I know how much Aayden loves to come and stay with you. Poor Peeper. She looks like she had one heck of day. Were those boys sneaking her cookies and running her around the yard?

  4. What a perfect day. Grandchildren, good food, and a favorite cup of tea. I am so glad you had a day to remember.

  5. awww Anne ♥ that sounds like a perfect day! Are there any cookies left? They look delicious!!!

  6. I love m&m cookies! So do my kids. How do you make them so the colors don't bleed onto the cookie? It's a mystery to me.

  7. Anonymous8/07/2009

    Aaaa what a lovely day.. don't you just love it when the grandbabies can come over?

  8. Your day and evening were just great. The cookies looked so good.

  9. Carolyn,
    no the colors do not bleed together. Just fold the M&M's in like you would for the chocolate chips. This is the first time I made them, so good.

  10. Cookies and grands go hand in hand:)

  11. Hey Anne!
    Oh your little schnauzer is soooo cute. We used to have one named Colonel. The cookies and tea look so good too...yum! Thanks so much for dropping my blog with such sweet comments! I hope you have a great day...
    Big Hugs,


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