Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Vintage Hankie Collection

I have a few vintage hankies that I have purchased just recently and I thought I'd share them with you. I've seen many hankie collections at other vintage blogs. They display them in many clever ways. I have only three hankies. I don't know how extensive my collection will grow but I know vintage hankies are highly collectible. One reason being, there so inexpensive. And I hear that children's hankies are very sought after. Which I found one....yay! Holiday handkerchiefs are popular also.
So here is my little collection.......

This one I just fell in love with. I love the color of the embroidery stitching. Just fell in love with it. It even had the Switzerland sticker on it so you know that this hankie has never been used. How much.....$2!

This one is just plain white but liked the pretty lace around it. It could have been for a bride.
This is a child's hankie. I just found it to be so dainty and pretty with the little rose buds on it.
So there you have it. The beginning of another one of my collections! So do you collect hankies? And how do you display them?
I'm signing off.......from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Anonymous7/12/2009

    Their all pretty.. I don't collect them and only own one that's in the bottom of my dresser drawer... however I do wish they would become popular again.. I've saw aprons made from them and their very pretty.

  2. Pat your right on about that. Did a little bit of research, and since Kleenex came out, back in the day, well that explains the decline of hankies being made. Plus, like you have mentioned, I to have read aprons and all sorts of things were made from vintage hankies. I think it was like pillows and little girl dresses. That sort of thing. Thanks for commenting. I missed ya. =) Although I know I haven't been blogging to much lately. =)

  3. Oh wow, I didn't even know you were collecting these! I think they are all very pretty. :)

  4. that brings back memories for me. I can remember when everyone carried a hankie, men and women. I have a couple that my Grandma gave me as a child. That's a neat collectable!

  5. My great grandmother made me a hankie for when I got married. My case with my temple clothes got stolen/lost the second time I went to the temple. I still wish I had that hankie I lost.

  6. You have a great start for your hankie collection. They are all very pretty. I do not collect them but have a few in my dresser drawers. Have a great day Anne. Madeline

  7. Anonymous7/15/2009

    All of these are just lovely! It would be a wonderful collection to have. Each one of them is absolutely beautiful ♥

  8. Hi, Anne! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I do collect hankies and if you scroll to the very bottom of my blog, you'll see what I do with them! ☺


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