Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Go Red Wings!

Yes....Detroit, Michigan is known as the Motor City and....Hockey Town!! So tonight we will be watching the Red Wings kick some butt. We are one series away from the Stanley Cup series. We won it last year and many years past. 'Bring home the cup....bring home the cup!!' That's a song...and me singing it, lol! Did you hear that? It might be best if you didn't. (Hey lady.....keep your day job!)
Anyway my hubby stopped at the store after work to grab some goodies to go along with the game tonight on t.v. He got these the other night. Did you ever hear of them? There fried peanuts. I've never heard of them or tried them until the other day. There pretty good. As you all pretty much know, I like to eat somewhat healthy and I do read my food labels. I noticed that these peanuts don't have a food label on them. I thought it was the law that you had to have a food label on all food products. I just wanted to see how many grams of fat was in a serving because they are fried peanuts. I wonder if there fried in peanut oil? (lol)
So anyway I'm off to eat dinner off the grill and then we're going to watch the game with a nice cold beer (I always say, drink in moderation and responsibly) and some fried peanuts! I hope you all have a great evening! Go Wings!
I'm signing off....from Peek-A-Boo Street!
*Update...we won! Yay!

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  1. I am not into hockey but glad your team won.


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