Friday, March 13, 2009

Oopsy Daisy! ☺

Dear readers I am sorry but I posted the last post on accident. It wasn't suppose to come out until tomorrow because I didn't want to write one long post. I didn't want to give my readers to much to read in one day. I seem to accidentally post my scheduled posts all the time for some reason. I don't usually schedule them but when I do, well there they are. They end up on my blog, lol! Well it's more cussing than laughter. ☺
But am waiting for an answer from the blog dr. He is just the greatest in getting you out of bloggy jams. His name is Vin and here's his blog link. He also answers questions at the Blogger Help Group. You can find that on your dashboard.


  1. It is Friday the 13th :).

  2. ROFL, well strange things do happen on a Friday the 13th!!!! Tis OPk, I do luv reading anything you post! Have fun this weekend.

  3. Anonymous3/13/2009

    I don't mind reading two posts from you.. their always so interesting.

  4. I liked both the posts too :D

  5. I liked both of your posts too!!! You always have such cute stuff to post about. I really enjoy reading your blog.


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