Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Pound At A Time

I still have been working out with Gilad on t.v. for a change instead of Denise Austin for now.
Boy I do have to tell you that Gilad is much tougher than Denise Austin's workout. I had to cut back a bit. I was only working out three days a week instead of five. But I'm up to four or five days a week. I'm just so sore the next day. But I'm trying to work up to my five days a week again.
Gilad uses more weight training and Denise Austin is more aerobics.
But I did manage to move up in my free weights. Two pound weights were getting to easy so I went up to Target and got me three pound weights and that seems to work better. I was going to get five pounds but thank goodness I had a flashback of beings sore and put those down and reached back for the three pounders. ☺ I don't want to be so sore where I'm not working out at all.
Gilad also uses those resistant bands in his show, so I got me some of those as well. I can't wait to use them. I did use the weights and they are perfect for me at this time. My goal is to get up to five pounds one day. Hey, it's nice to dream. I'm not quite were I want to be in my fitness journey but I'm better then where I was. ☺ I love that little saying. It just helps to keep me motivated.

My hubby has picked up with working out again. Good for you hubby! He's even lost some weight already. He goes out to a gym to work out. I just stay at home. I have no plans in leaving my house to go workout.
My teenage son is into fitness also. He used to be a little chubby when he was a kid but being pointed into the right direction by his pediatrician, he has no weight issues anymore. All the doc had to say was, "Kids are not the ones who do the grocery shopping." And that's all it took for me to get motivated. Also his doctor told me how obesity in children is on the rise and the health issues that come with children being over weight. I told my son and my hubby that this summer their going to have some "real" competition because I'm going to run with them also and their going to be eating my dust to keep up with me. ☺They just laughed. Their like, "Oh yeah right." But at first, before my hubby started to work out again, he told my teenage son, "I don't know, your Mom is in pretty good shape." Now they just laugh at me. I use to run on the tread mill like it was nothing for almost an hour. I use to go up to 6.0. like it was nothing. I better get my be hind back on the treadmill. Because it's on baby, it's on! Don't let that dust get into your eyes.
It's now March and I hope everyone is still sticking to their workout programs. Make it a lifetime change! If any of you want to come running with me, just meet over here on Peek-A-B00 Street and I'll show you the sights!
I'm signing off (huffing & puffing).............. from Peek-A-Boo Street! Okay well I'm not really huffing and puffing. ☺


  1. LOL You are too funny! I can't wait until you all start running, I gotta hear about this for sure! =) I'm glad you are enjoying your working out and that you are getting better and better. Keep it up!

  2. You're so cute :D I love how motivated you are! It's so inspiring I may have to take myself on a walk :) the doctor said walks were really good for my heart..I guess that's what I have to heart ♥ LOL Great job Anne! I'm impressed!!

  3. Good for you. Keep up the good work!!

    Have a great day, Denise

  4. You keep up the good work. If working out in the yard shoveling dirt, raking leaves, etc is considered exercise I have been getting lots of it lately. Have a good day. Madeline

  5. Hi Anne...Sounds like your motivation is in full force! Once that's in motion, everything else just falls into place. Good-luck with your efforts. I'm having major connection issues, AGAIN! Most blogs won't fully come through for me or I can't leave comments. Just wanted to let you know that I'm not ignoring you!

  6. Way to go! Before long you will be a lean and trim woman! And those men in your house surely will be eating your dust! :-)
    I do love walking on the treadmill myself. Yet mine blew up, so to speak. So come spring time I will be out walking the pavement! LOL
    Well have fun and enjoy the day.

  7. Anonymous3/13/2009

    What a great post Anne. I think those boys better watch out. They have serious competition LOL


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