Friday, March 13, 2009

More Thrifty Finds

Earlier when I was up at the antique and craft mall, I seen some old dolls and antique doll high chairs. So I went back up to the antique mall to go and check them out again. Well I didn't really like any of them. Nothing really grabbed my eye until this baby popped out at me when I turned the corner of another booth. She was placed on the floor. She looked absolutely beautiful. It looked vintage and it looked like a child's face. I fell in love with everything this little doll had. Her dress. Her hair. Her porcelain face. Her eyes. There was not one thing about the doll that I did not like. The doll even came with a stand and thick plastic cover to protect her from dust. So now I just had to bend down to pick her up so that my granny eyes can check out the ole' price tag. $20.000000000.........................! I'm I reading that right? Is that $200 or $20 dollars? This beautiful doll was only $20!! I could not believe it! I knew I was taking her home!!!!!
Then I kept browsing around until I spotted this two tiered tea table. I've been in search for a little table for my office to go right along side my chair that I will hopefully get one day. This thing was $45. The price tag said "Firm" so you know the dealer wasn't going to budge on this. But something about it appealed to me so I picked that up to.
But for now, I'm using it to set my doll on it, next to the china cabinet. I still have to wash the little table down. It is dirty. My dear hubby thinks that the table wasn't a good deal. But oh well.
Anyway I took some pic's for you to see. I hope you find this little doll to be as beautiful as I did. I just completely fell in love with her. ♥ Click onto the pictures to get a better look.

Have a wonderful day everybody!
I'm signing off...from Peek-A-Boo Street!


  1. Wow Anne, what bargains you do find. That doll I swear looks like the one my best friend Pam has! She is gorgous!!!!!! And I do love that table. I am thinking that I need to go antique shopping with you....
    Here is an update on Sugar. She is doing good, trying to get into everything she can. LOL But otherwise is eating like a horse and of course Sadie Bella still thinks she is her Mama! But thanks for your wonderful comments. Take care and enjoy the weekend.
    Blessings, Annette

  2. She's lovely Anne! And that table is awesome!! I don't think $45 was too much :)

  3. Anonymous3/13/2009

    What a precipous little doll. She is so pretty. I can see why you like her. She looks so nice in your room. I just can't wait to see everything.


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