Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Happy Marriage Recipe

I'm cleaning out some drawers in my office and came across this frame that has A Recipe for a Happy Marriage. My Mom got this for me a several years ago. I'm sure you all have heard of if before but I still like it so much that I'd thought I post it up on my blog.

A Happy Marriage Recipe

3 cups Love
2 cups Warmth
1 cup Forgiveness
1cup Friends
4 spoons Hope
2 spoons Tenderness
1 pint Faith
1 barrel Laughter

Combine love & warmth
Mix thoroughly with tenderness
Add forgiveness
Blend with friends & hope
Sprinkle all remaining tenderness
Stir in faith and laughter
Bake with sunshine ☼
Serve daily in generous helpings ♥

Isn't this just the sweetest? I love it. I hope you all liked it. I hope that the sun shines on all of you on this beautiful Sunday. ☺


  1. Anonymous3/15/2009

    Yes the have a bid on a home and the bank says it is gonna happen,but there is an under writer we are waiting on. April and the kids will come on home. Her husbands job is a hurricane job and he will come home as soon as it is over.

  2. I remember that, when you had it hanging up on the wall in the hallway. It is the sweetest! I hope you have a good Sunday!

  3. That's too awesome!!

  4. Anonymous3/15/2009

    I like this. It's beautiful!

  5. This a recipe we all need to follow!!

    P.S. Yes, we do have a pet squirrel! My husnabd rescued him and his brother when they were babies. If you want, you can check my blog archives for September 2008. The story of how we found him and pics of when he was a baby are on there. There are lots of pics of him from Spetember to now on my blog!!

    Have a great day, Denise

  6. Thanks for sharing this. It is truly awesome & so true!
    As for Sugar, she is doing great! Getting around as best as she can. Goes back to the vet on Wednesday! Other than that I will keep ya updated!
    Blessings, dear.

  7. Very nice. The sun did shine some Sunday but it rained here today.

  8. Anonymous11/11/2009

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  9. Anonymous11/23/2009

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