Friday, March 20, 2009

Amber Alert Update

The Michigan Amber Alert has been canceled. They found the 15 year old boy and he is back at home safely.

The point of an Amber Alert is to get the news that a child has been abducted out quickly to the public.

A good example is that the other evening my husband was in the other room watching t.v. I was here in my office on my computer when my husband yelled out to me that there was an Amber Alert. I heard about a 15 year old boy being abducted and in a red car earlier that morning on my Amber Alert Ticker, here on my blog. I asked my husband if I was for a 15 year old boy in a red car and my husband said yes. Again, I had already knew about it from that morning by the Amber Alert Ticker that I have here on my blog.

I don't always watch t.v. in the morning. Sometimes I'll go right to my computer first. And it goes to show that this ticker on my blog is updated and on time. Because on the computer we all know that things aren't always updated.

So this Amber Alert Ticker that I have on my blog is great I think in getting the news out quickly. Whoever thought of putting an Amber Alert on our blogs was an awesome idea.

And thank goodness, that boy is home safe and sound.


  1. Anonymous3/20/2009

    I'm so glad he's home safe..
    It is a neat idea to allow the amber alerts to be put on blogs.. like you, I seldom get to watch the morning news.

  2. I am glad he is at home safe now too! I agree that it is a good idea. I hardly ever watch the news. most of the time it is too depressing. Did you hear about that lady that was drunk driving and killed those 4 kids? a woman in one of my classes said she lives only like 7 houses down from that lady that was drunk. How crazy is that!

  3. oh I'm so glad they found him


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