Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thanks Mom For This Award!

I picked this award up on Carol's/Mom blog at whom she offered to all of her blogging friends.
Thank you Mom for this sweet award. I will lovingly add it to my sidebar. I hope all of my blogging friends will stop over to see my Mom's blog over at Charli & Me. Her blog link is above.
In turn I must pass this blogging award along to all of my blogging friends. There are no rules attached to this award. All you have to do is just pick it up to add to your blog if you'd like. Just let me know in my comments if you will be picking one up. Have a beautiful day!


  1. I got it from your mom :) Isn't just the sweetest picture? I thought it was precious!

  2. Thank you Anne, I just love this award, it is really cute.

  3. What a wonderful award! I also like the punch bowl that you bought for your Mardi Gras Madness Punch.

  4. Thank you Anne. I accept all the awards that are offered. This one is cute. Have a great day. Madeline


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