Sunday, December 21, 2008

Things We Lost In The Fire-Movie Review

So what have I been doing with all this snow we been getting? Well the other night my husband and I watched the movie, 'Things We Lost In The Fire." I liked it. It had Halley Berry in it. I like her. I think she is a good actress. One thing that I did not like about the movie was the back and forth back flashes that movies have sometimes. I don't like movies like that. I prefer to just watch the movie unfold and not the constant going back and forth from past to present. At times I'd have a hard time knowing the difference.
It was a sad movie. But along with the movie there was hope, which gave the movie a nice balance. So it wasn't a totally depressing movie.
Looks like this is going to be a bad winter with the way it's begun. I have a few things I have going that will keep me busy for awhile.
Well I have my blogging of course. I have the book 'The Road' I'm still reading. I'm beginning to crochet my daughter's family an afghan for their living room. Plus I want to do some baking. I didn't make time for it this Christmas so, I'm going to after Christmas. Plus seeing every ones yummy goodies that they baked made me want to do some baking. I also want to start planning for my first Mardi Gra party at the end of February. It's something I've been wanting to have for a couple of years now. Then after that, I have to start planning for my son's First Holy Communion in May. Then after that, at the beginning of June, my second grandchild should be born at around that time. 2009 is going to be an exciting year with all these wonderful events that are taking place in my family. Busy, but exciting! I could go on and on. But I will leave it right here for now.
But yeah if any of you have any recipe ideas for my Mardi Gras party I'd love to here about them. I want them to be traditional Louisiana food, but it has to be fairly easy. I have to do some research on the food to. Okay, well let's not jump the gun here. Let's just get through Christmas first...


  1. Anonymous12/21/2008

    I too think this is going to be one big bad winter.. we normally don't see ice and snow before the new year and we started getting it in November... it only got up to 6 degrees today.. makes me want to move south :)
    Thanks for the offer for the snow flakes.. I've been so busy that I probably wouldn't have time to load them up on my site. I spent the day crocheting a pair of slipper socks and have two more pairs to make before Christmas.
    You're baking idea sounds great.. I can't wait for the holidays rush to be over so I can get back to baking bread etc.
    Take care and stay warm.

  2. Well bless your heart I hope it's not too bad of a winter and at least you do have things to keep you busy if you get "trapped". Talking about Mardi Gras made me think about King Cake. I may do my blog tomorrow on the history of it. It's a pretty neat story!

  3. Hello Anne!! Here's hoping you have yourself a Merry little Christmas!! Happy New Year, too!!{well, when it gets here!!)

  4. Thanks for making us an afghan! I can't wait to see it. At least you have stuff to do during the winter months. As for me, I do crossword puzzles or surf the internet. =) LOL. Yes, we do have a busy year coming up, but like you said...atleast it's all fun stuff to look forward to.

  5. Anonymous12/23/2008

    I enjoyed reading your post. There are a lot of nice things to look forward to in the New Year.


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