Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Storm Update

Just wanted to update you on the winter storm. Well it's about 6:30 am here in Michigan. The snow started to fall at 5:00 am.
There is a snow day for the kids so that's good.
Now the weather men added two more inches to the accumulation that we are suppose to get. Now there calling for 8-12 inches of snow instead of 6-10 inches. They say we could possibly get up to two inches of snow an hour. The weather men said that thunder is likely to move along with this winter storm because of the heavy snow accumulation that we are suppose to get, in just a short amount of time. Yikes! The snow is suppose to come fast. The majority of the storm should be pretty much done by 1 o' clock this afternoon. We're expecting another storm in two days. It's not suppose to be as bad as this one. Then more snow again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I just hope we don't lose power. Posh & Trendy got me thinking since she had mentioned that had happened to her and her family. The news mentioned that some people have lost their power.
Okay, I'll keep you all posted. If I don't write for awhile, well then that means we lost power and we're hunkering down. I'm signing off...from Peek-A-Boo Street.


  1. Thank goodness you got all your shopping and errands taken care of! Stay safe! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Kathy

  2. Anonymous12/19/2008

    Our news keeps talking about your snow storm.. I hope you don't lose power.
    We got lucky last night, we had some terrible thunder storms but the temp stayed just one degree above freezing so we didn't get any ice.
    Stay safe..
    Sending prayers your way.

  3. Wow, we don't know weather like you are having. It all sounds very exciting. Please take pictures if you can, I would love to see. We have nothing but clear skies and sunny days here in South Africa. My children play outside and swim until 19h30 in the evening!


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