Friday, December 5, 2008

~ A Scarf For My Grandson ~

My daughter asked me if I would crochet my Grandson a scarf. Aw my heart melted. I said of course I'll make him a scarf. Us grannies like to feel needed. I don't know if you had noticed but I gave out my real name and...(bite my finger nails) my age in my profile. I'm a young Grandma and my family (in fun) calls me Granny Annie. But I found it helpful when I was looking up new blogs to contact. I would wonder what age they were so that is why I posted my age. Same with my name. It's just makes it easier to type Anne than the title of my blog all the time. So are you all going to write your real names and ages? Oh come on, I did it now you have to do it. Lol (laugh out loud) I'm just kidding.
So here is my Grandson's scarf. It's still in progress but I'll be done with it very soon. I have no pattern. I'm just stitching it up with double crochet stitches. I hope you all are having a good day.


  1. Anonymous12/05/2008

    You ARE a young granny considering I have children older then you ;)
    Truthfully I can't remember if I even posted my age in my profile.. I do remember that I said I was retired.
    That's going to be a lovely scarf. Be sure to show us a pic when its finished.

  2. First I want to thank you for your visit and comment on my post of all the Christmas trees I have up.
    The scarf is going to be beautiul when you are finished with it. I am not sure if I posted my age on my profile or not, but I do not mind people knowing I am 72. If it is nice today I will be getting the rest of my outside decorations up. Have a great day. Madeline

  3. Anonymous12/05/2008

    Oh my and you are not old. Im 44 and have three grands. When I go out with Kaytlynn they think she is mine.
    I love the crochet that is something I always wanted to learn,but never had a teacher.Man I wished we lived close...I would bring the Hot Mocha and we would crochet.

  4. i am a grandma of two with one more on the way through my second husband and i'm 41. i have children or um one child who is old enough to have children themselves (christina is almost 19, melanie is 16 and patrick is 14)i also post my real name, first and last *gasp* but i have it all over the internet anyway lol i love your blog anne and read it every day. the scarf is looking great! and it's a lovely color too =)

  5. What a lovely scarf, it must be so peaceful to crochet with snow falling outside. I crochet quite a bit, in fact, it is what my business is all about. I now employ 6 ladies part time to help me. We make hair accessories for dance shops.

    Oh, I tried to view your post on 9:11 but could not find it - do you perhaps have a link for me?

  6. Oh my gosh mom! The scarf looks soooo great! thank you so much again for making it for him! We love you lots (Grannie Annie) hehe.

  7. Anonymous12/05/2008

    Oh what a beautiful scarf it's going to be. I love the color you picked. I think Aayden will love it too and especially since it came from his very own granny Annie.


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