Monday, December 15, 2008

Saving The Best For Last

The other evening while I was cooking dinner and helping my son with his homework I happened to look outside. I always look outside right before it gets dark. I've always done this. I don't know why. Do any of you? Just habit I guess. It just gives me a quick moment, as it grabs my heart to realize, that the day is drawing to a close.
And to my surprise, I seen the most beautiful sunset that I think I may have ever seen here on Peek-A-Boo Steet. It was so beautiful. Thank you Jesus. Boy I should have posted this on my new Catholic blog. So what did I do? Well you guessed it. I ran to get my camera. What was weird to me this time, was that the colors would turn out more vivid with a flash on at this time of day. Huh, didn't quite understand that.
But needless to my Grandpa C. use to call "Him." At the end of a long, hard day...The "Man Upstairs"...saved the best for last...

Good night fellow bloggers. I'm signing off, from Peek-A-Boo Steet...


  1. What beautiful pictures Anne! I think the light from the flash may have reflected off the sunset (or vica versa)and that's why such beautiful colors showed up in your pictures but whatever the reason I just think it's awesome! I'd love to paint it =) so beautiful.

  2. Anonymous12/15/2008

    Wow! Those pictures are amazing! So beautiful!

  3. oh what gorgeous pictures of the sunset! I noticed it the other night too and didn't have my camera handy. =) You always take great pictures.

  4. Wow!! Awesome series of captures here, Anne!! There is something striking about these...I think it's the contrast of nature's beautiful show and the streetlight(the only visible sign of modern man). Fantastic!!

    I'm finally following! yea!!

  5. Anonymous12/16/2008

    What a gorgeous sunset and I loved the way you took us through to the end.. it made me feel just like I was watching it in person.

  6. Awesome! gorgeous! wow! great shots!

  7. What gorgeous pictures! I love this kind of sky, you can see the snow clouds rolling through. I found our camera and am getting geared up to take and upload picsto my site, I hope I can be as good as you :)


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